Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Old crochet hooks

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last weekend. We didn't do anything special, unless you like to go to antique malls or flea markets. I do, I hunt everywhere for old crochet hooks and parts for my old singer machine. I love old things, especially crochet hooks and sewing machines. Here is my tiny collection of old hooks, the one at the bottom,okay it came out at the side on the left,  the tiny flat wooden one is the newest one. It says" Special Hook for Irish Crochet" on it. There was a size stamped on it too, but it is too faint to see. It will work well with size 100 or size 80 tatting cotton. It is so small that you have to have a magnifying glass to actually see the hook, the hook part itself is in perfect condition, so it should be usable. It has to be old, but I have been unable to find out anything about it, though I have written several emails trying to. The other hooks in the picture are all old bone and steel hooks that I have been collecting for the last ten  years.

I also collect magic crochet magazines. I found this in one stall for about .50 cents. Magic crochet gifts, it's in one of the smaller digest sizes and has over 100 different mini dollies or motifs and edgings and way to put them together for small gifts. I was happy to get it for that  price. It is full of diagrams for everything, no written instructions or at least very few.

I also got a book on yo yo quilting, that is another thing that I am hoping to start learning. It was .39 cents. weird prices, that person put on the stuff in their stall. But I will be checking out that stall and the other one where I found the hook again!

The magic crochet book will fit in  the bag that I have filled with fine thread quite nicely, I have also printed off copies of the Irish crochet books at the Antique pattern library in small format to carry as well. I have an assortment of small size crochet hooks and crochet things packed in this bag too. I think there is enough stuff in it to keep me busy for many years. LOL!

Anyway that was my weekend, we had lunch at a barbeque place with my M-n-L and S-n-L. I bought lunch for them too,  guess I was feeling generous after my lucky finds.


Blogger Fatima Crochet said...

I've not heard of Magic Crochet Magazine before so I looked it up and learned that it was published in the UK and disappeared from the market in 2005.

What year is the magazine you got? I am surprised that it has diagrams. Most US and UK crochet books I've seen almost exclusively use only written instructions.

And what a tiny hook! I can't manage to crochet with tiny hooks and threads smaller than size 10. But I'll still try again ... :)

11:14 PM  

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