Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More finds at the antique mall

I do so love to go to the flea markets and antique malls. Since I am  not in the market for expensive antiques I don't spend all that much. I got yards of a ribbon that looks like it might be silk, but not sure, I spent quite a bit on it but I went back twice over a month to get what I got, It's a pale pink, I got 4 of those, 4 in a rather muted antique red and one in a turquoise blue. The blue of course went fast, I plan to use them for roses and get some green silk ribbon late for leaves. I didn't take pictures of them, I will when I start using them. It's now wound on little rolls and on the organizer I will describe below.

I did take a picture of the two books I got, One is Weldon's Victorian crochet, It has 1 thru 19 in it, it was $4. That's sounds good to me when they are selling them over at one of the craft magazines for a lot more for each single letter. The other one is a bundt cake recipe book.,it was a dollar.      
Then I ordered a copy of the new Crochet traditions, I like it well enough, though it is rather more expensive than I like to pay, but I got the premier issue last year and it's only once a year so I went ahead and got this one too. I may do a little review of it later.

I couldn't resist posting a pic of my very spoiled cat, Little gray, She can't stay out of the Hubby's guitar case, she just has to lay in it and sleep when he is playing, she's that way about all his guitar cases, and he has three.
 She's that way about laps as well, she just wants a warm place to lay, it's so hot for her humans though that she doesn't get her way much while it's hot. Shes getting older now almost 12 years old, I worry about her a lot. She gets cold so easy, the air conditioning is too cold for her and she spends a lot of her time looking for a warm spot, which is funny, till we put the air conditioning in she spent all her time panting.

I haven't had much time to work on anything other than the organization of my sewing room. I made some racks to hold ribbons and lace, and the bolt of pattern making material I got also at the flea market. When they were in boxes, I couldn't see how much of them I really had. Now it's out and I can see it, now I have to use it. The racks are very simple, I cut some lamp chain to short lengths and hung it from the ceiling, than used dowel rods to hold the rolls the ribbon and lace were on to hold them, then used toy wheels like they make spindles out of to hold the spools on, it took a total of 6 36 inch dowels to hold the ribbons and lace and another 48 inch long one to hold the pattern  making fabric. It's good thing I am so short.

Fatima, the "Magic Crochet" magazines were published in France I think, they all had diagrams in them, I collect them, and  have about 75 or 80 issues and keep hunting for them. Sometimes I get lucky and find some of them at the antique malls or flea markets, I buy all of them I can. The small book of motifs I posted the pic of, was published in 1985, so it's not a new one. It says that it was 1985 Les Editions de Saxe, and gives an address in France. I really miss them, I had a subscription to it the last year they sent it out and never got all of them, it was discontinued before my subscription was up. It was a sad day for those of us that used diagrams for crochet in those days, now there are more diagrams being printed in crochet books so that;s a big help.


Blogger Fatima Crochet said...

Thanks for the explanation about Magic Crochet - and you are correct that it is French! I was looking at this which provided wrong information, and was corrected by a comment, also indicating the publisher continues to publish crochet magazines! So maybe you can still check them out!

Lovely gray! I have a gray-tiger stripe cat here, quite young, just 1 year and 3 months. I call him El Gray, sort of like the tea, ahaha! :D

12 years is quite old, but he looks healthy. My cat George passed away a few weeks ago. I thought he was 13 years but I saw some old photos of him, so I realised he was actually 16 ... Quite old! :)

8:19 AM  

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