Monday, August 27, 2012

No fleamarkets this week

Okay there have been no flea markets or antique malls for me for the last two weeks, I am sick. I really hate being ill, I had to take care of the DH last week, he was sick and now I have it, he had to go back to work, but I'm on my own.I keep getting my crochet out and staring at it, I guess I'm wishing for the energy to do some of it.I thought maybe I'd knit for a bit, but that lasted till I found the pattern and then, nothing.

I managed to do the grocery shopping and got some small pots to use this winter in my in house green house. I just can't stand the thought of loosing my lavender plants again, I lost my favorite orange-mint tea plant last year, I will be scrounging through the area where it used to be hoping to find a little bit of it still alive. I also bought a small pale rose pink cushion mum. I'll have to put it in a bigger pot.

My one bright spot has been winning Fatima's give a way, I will soon have one of the much admired Russian crochet magazines. Oooh what they create in russia with crochet. You know, I think if crocheters ruled the world there would be peace, the only thing we think about it what to make next and if a war stood between us and our thread or yarn, well, it would just have to be postponed till we were finished, which of course no crocheter or knitter ever is finished! Perhaps someone could start a group somewhere, crocheters and knitters for world peace.

Maybe I'll be better next week and can post some pictures of my plants and stuff. Thanks again Fatima of Crochetology! Check out the link to Fatima's site in my sidebar


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