Thursday, October 04, 2012

Nothing new yet

Nothing new has happened yet, unless you consider that I am no longer sick. It took a while to get over whatever it was. I am now out and about the house and working in the yard. I am letting the house go, so I can get the yard done. Once the yard is done, I have to catch up on the housework. Then I must finish the repairs I started last year in time for the winter. I got about half of it done. Once I finish the repairs, the house needs to be painted and the roof sealed. I want to put up a new skirting, but frankly the cheap plastic stuff does not thrill me. I would rather use metal or put rock around it.

For now back to the yard, I am taking out some old beds, the blocks used in them will build me more beds, I never throw that stuff away. I gave some away a couple of years ago and now sort of regret it, even though they were too heavy for me to use. I am raking and cleaning out the old beds and will drag all the rocks out and this weekend, hopefully we will build and fill two more  keyhole beds and some lower square beds for tomatoes and squash, I feel the keyhole beds can be better used for other things. They worked quite well, though I am taking the top layer off the first one because it's too high for me to bend over and reach all of it. Next spring I will make plastic covers for them so I can water them and spray them less and maybe it will keep the squash bugs and little green caterpillars off things. I hate to spray and maybe starting earlier will help too. My plants will be well started by the time it gets hot and maybe they'll produce more.

As for the old beds, they are being raked out and leveled, any herbs I find growing there are getting transplanted and the rocks are being piled up to fill the blocks, once the blocks are arranged, then I am taking out some trees and forsythias and planting grass. I'll be moving my sitting area over there and building an awning over it.

My dear husband saved my bacon last week, I was raking and tearing out things and going at it really well, until my husband told me to stop that he saw a wasp that I didn't see. I looked and looked and couldn't find it. He said that he thought there was a nest, so I got the can of wasp spray and stood there while he knocked over the block that I was getting ready to move. It was full of, probably around 30 of the big red wasps and a large nest, I hit them with the spray and got nearly the whole nest. It was a little cool and they were slow, sort of, but if he hadn't made me wait and warned me I would probably have been stung badly. I have been stung before by a nest of yellow jackets. It was so awful, about ten stings that time. I am not allergic or anything, but I am not sure what that many red wasps would do. It has made me slow down a lot.

Yesterday I did a little bit and found a cute little, okay, cute to me, little ring necked snake, about a foot long. I've found three of them this year, two so tiny they were just finger length. Once of our neighbors killed the black snake that lived under our house, which bothers me some, it kept the chipmunks out from under the house, chipmunks are cute, but they will chew your electrical wiring to bits, and cause fire hazards. I would rather have had the snake.

Well that's all, I am going to go out and paint for a bit, some of my flowers. I will try to take some pictures of the progress before next post.


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