Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not online much right now, folks

I am not online right now very much or often, It has gotten even slower and that takes a lot of the fun out of the internet. We are only getting about half the speed we should most times only one third. The provider says to live with it or get DSL or do without, such nice people-our locals that is. So what we did do is to get me a phone that will have internet on it. I should be able to blog and surf on the phone though it is kind of small. I may have to use magnifying glasses sometimes. The screen is small but has very good resolution, haven't got the thing turned on yet. It's supposed to come on in the next 48 hours or so-we are porting our lines so we don't have to change phone numbers. That's what takes so long. I have been using the time to learn my way around the phone, it has so many features. Camera, media player, games, notes, internet, and so much more that it has taken me three days to learn to work it. So it has been a good thing it wasn't connected right away. I didn't get an Iphone either, I got a PantechDuo, with a small keyboard on it. hopefully I will learn to use it to post on this and my other blogs. I might even be able to upload some photos with it. The camera is really pretty good with the right kind of light, my light box should be a big help with small things, and it seems to work pretty well outside.

The weather has been really warm unless it rains, while its raining it feels really great and I get a lot of things done, but when the rains stops and the sun comes out again I feel like I am being steamed like a clam. It's a typical Missouri summer. Hot, humid and unpredictable.

It's still early here so it's cool enough that I am doing some laundry and getting ready to do my morning exercise routine. I'll be done before it gets hot and it could rain.Will right more-hopefully more interesting stuff later. Right now gotta go.


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