Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day Before New Years Eve

It's Sunday Afternoon, we are both a bit bored. The DH is watching a martial Arts movie on youtube and I am just sitting here reading blogs and trying to get some crochet inspiration. I am still working on my afghan, I have estimated that it will take around 400 or more blocks to make it. I am not even worried about colors strictly yet. If it will work in my bedroom, it will be used. I bought some more pretty papers at Joanns fabrics, I love all the pretty papers they have for scrap booking, even though I don't do scrap booking. I use them for quilling and jewelry and other things. I like to make my own calendars and piece them together and am thinking of making a set of tarot cards from my own designs. I hate trying to read tarot from a standard deck, I can never remember the meanings of the cards. I have tried to memorize them, but no matter how I work at it, I still forget, so if I make up own deck, I should be able to remember them a lot better. I plan on collaging the cards together one by one. I may scan the deck then and print them off. We'll see.

I thought I'd show you some more flea market finds just one photo of them this time. I got a book or two the first one is a three volume George Carlin book. I loved Carlin and am sorry he's gone. The second book is the The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. I'd wanted a copy after seeing the pictures on another blog, her drawings are really lovely, I used to do that sort of things when I was a kid, always drawing, then my first marriage sort of killed any aspirations to do art. (My first marriage was not a good one, art fell by the way side just trying to keep my sanity). The other little thing was a kitty tin. I just love tins with pictures of kitty on them and this one was shaped like a cat so it had to come home with me.

Since we are talking about cats, This is what passes for one of the christmas decorations round here.

 I have to put a light in it, I just love the little cats and their tree and fireplace. It is not quite finished, I need to add some glitter on the roof and put a hole in the back to add a light. I made the little house out of a cereal box. It wasn't to hard to do. I've been saving cereal boxes to make fans out of. I have an old Victorian fan that has a hole in it for a tassel, it doesn't fold but it works quite well and the shape is pretty, that's what I am making with some of the pretty papers. I have scaled down a small version to put on here as a free pattern one day. It is small but still makes a good fan for a hot day outside. I suppose that you could scale it up and make it larger, I wanted it to fit in a purse. I also wanted it small enough to be made out of one piece of card stock. I'll add more on this subject later. Right now the DH is hungry and I am too a bit, and he can't cook, though he is good with instant coffee. I can't make instant coffee properly to save my life, but I make the best mocha cappuccinos we've  had. I also make a mean vanilla latte, needless to say we rarely go out for coffee, though I am looking for a new espresso pot, since I like the manual pot better than a machine. The handle on mine is finally wearing out. I'll go for now and try to post again after new years.

A little note on progress on my afghan, I have said I will need over 400 blocks, I've only completed a little over 60, I've got a long ways to go!


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