Monday, March 04, 2013

I've been busy

I have, I have really been busy. I started getting ready to organize my crafts room, in January, now I am finally doing it. I have three more sets of shelves to assemble and then all that junk has to be organized in drawers and shelves. There is a lot of stuff. Paper, yarn, thread, fabric, and notions along with all the stuff that goes with it. There is also quite a lot of jewelry making stuff, that has to be put away. I've also gotten out three of my rigid heddle looms and have refinished one of them to make it look and work better. I repaired a cheap one I bought at the flea market, it should work pretty well, the third one is a very small loom that I'm going to use to make scarves or narrow bands, for handles, belts and that type of thing. The larger rigid heddle loom has been refinished and I plan on warping it for some light rugs.

I finally found an old treadle machine stand, just the bottom and will put a new top on it to put my old singer 99 on it. I have been buying all the accessories for it I can find. I cleaned and oiled it, and would like to put a hand crank on it, maybe later. I have been getting some good deals on the accessories to go with it or I wouldn't be buying them.

I'll write more later when I've got it nearly finished.


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