Monday, February 25, 2008

Running and Crocheting

I haven't been on the internet for much-Okay I have been looking at pictures, but that is all. I haven't wanted to post for the last week. It just takes too long. As I have mentioned before, we are still on dialup, and lately it is getting slower and slower. It seems like maybe they are letting it go down on purpose-hoping that some of us will switch to their much more expensive DSL. This is a tiny local phone company with a monopoly on two or three small towns. We don't have WiFi yet, so they can charge pretty much what they want for Highspeed internet and get it. I don't get to download videos or songs-It takes an hour to download a 10 minute video and watch it-so I don't. I look at a lot of pictures of other peoples work-in between doing things. It takes long enough for a page of flikr photos to load, that I can do a load of dishes. That's what I do. And if I am uploading mine it takes about 20 minutes to upload 5 pictures.

The last week or so, all I have been doing is running for my crochet hooks in frustration with things. I have made two Hello Kitty dolls. I am on my third Queen annes lace scarf. I don't have a pattern-I just have a copy of Maggie Righettis "Crochet in Plain English" She has a nice diagram in it and written instructions. I am using Crochet Roos modified version-like for her lovely fan lace bookmark, I saw some other versions that I am going to make too. The one I am working on now has petals instead of picots and it going to be lovely. I may make several more of them. Work on Shawl number two is slowly progressing. Will post pics of everything once its finished. May even get sidetracked on a sheep stuffie. I have enough of the yarn I used for one of the hello kittys to make a stuffie or two and a really soft neck pillow. And there is this nebulous design in my head for a shawl that I want to make to use in the summer time. I just have so many things in mind to make that there isn't time for it and the computer too. For that matter I am also crocheting while on the computer. I may not be spending much time on the computer-but I am spending a lot of time with my hooks.

And then there is the sewing I want to do. I want to make some nice spring clothes, light weight and cool for the hot summer I know is comming. I may go to W-mart and get some of their all cotton sheets just to cut up for clothes-that cotton is some of the most comfortable stuff to wear. Crisp, yet soft. For shorts and Tops. Does that sound crazy-I am a bit you know. But I bought some sheeting pants years ago in 100% cotton and they were the most comfortable things I've ever worn. No matter how hot the day was they were cool. Anyway I have been on here long enough to need to go do someting else, Have a great day and keep crafting.


Blogger RheLynn said...

Ugh sorry your dialup situation is so bad! We have a Verizon cellular phone modem and it is slow, but not as slow as you mention. I can't watch videos either, but photo pages load within a few minutes, and I can blog and post Flickr and Etsy stuff in reasonable time. Visiting lots of other blogs has slowed down though - I usually take a few days out of the week now to do the sweep.

The cool clothes sound wonderful. It got over 100 here last summer and because I was pregnant nothing was cool enough, not even my own skin some days!

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