Monday, April 01, 2013

Still working!!

I'm still working on my crafts room, almost done, bought some shelves and some of the plastic storage drawers, have to buy one more set, then I'll have enough storage for almost everything. I am still stumped about what to do with all that yarn, still, after getting rid of many piles an bags of junk, I still have more yarn than I know what to do with. I finally got my craft paper almost organized, but still have to find a spot for my origami paper. Most of my art supplies are in the shelves, though two very tall shelves are full of fabric. It's mostly for clothes, but some is for quilting, though not much. You might wonder how a person accumulates so much stuff. I think it has to do with working a job for years and buying things you never have time to use, when you do finally have time you don't know where to start.
With three sewing machines and four looms, even after stripping the finish off one loom and getting it ready to set up, there is no room for it, unless I have a specific project in mind. There was room to put out one small 20 inch rigid heddle loom, and I have my tiny looms in a couple of baskets. There was also only room for two of the sewing machines. I couldn't help myself, I bought another sewing machine two weeks ago. It's only an antique reproduction of a singer 15 NL with the Sphinx decals on it, it sews so well. I've been learning to use the attachments, collected for the Singer 99 over the years, they seem to work better with the 15NL, I think its because I can adjust the bobbin tension. I can't figure out how to do this on the 99, of course I haven't really tried that hard. It was just so much easier to do on the 15. It's larger and I set it in a table made for it from an old set of treadle machine irons, they are broken a bit and some parts are missing, but since it's electric it doesn't matter, and it looks nice in there. I recovered and padded my old singer bench, I've had for years,as well as an antique dressing table bench with the same fabric, its only a slipcover though, I wanted it to be removable, so as not to damage the bench. The benches still need sanded and re-finished  but I can remove the covers for that. It's so nice to be able to use this stuff again, am already sorting through patterns to make clothes from. It's been so long since I sewed anything, that choosing the simplest patterns seems the wisest thing to do. I won't get to start anything until I'm completely finished with everything.

Right now, I can't take pictures until it completely finished. It's still a bit messy, what with getting sidetracked with the hunt for more attachments. I tried to get a zig zagger off  Ebay, but lost the bidding, someone slipped in at the very last second and got it, I wanted it so bad that I was down for two days. Its all right now, I learned how to use the Griest decorative Zig Zagger, now it works pretty well and the stitches are quite nice, then I got a singer automatic Zig Zagger on Ebay and eight stitch disks and it works well too. I would never have learned without loosing out on the one I wanted, so something very good came of it after all. With a new mechanical button hole maker and some other attachments I can do anything on the old singer machines I can on my Pfaff, just not so fancy.

There was also room for a small drawing desk, so now I can start drawing again too. It makes me so happy to be able to go back to doing things. I'll try for pictures next post.


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DIid you find any tambour hooks?? Thanks for the comment on my blog ( keep practicing... Just like everything else in life practice practice practice.

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