Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Long time no time

I am back for a short post-still working at the new place, so it is now the old place. Am going to look for a better job in a couple of weeks. This one stinks too. They don't even bother to learn your name until you've been there for a couple of weeks. No one stays-they all leave. The regulars treat new people like dirt. You get all the nastiest hardest jobs, now that sounds like a cry baby, doesn't it. But I have been one of the regulars myself and I never treated any new person like they treat us. Sooner or later it all comes back to you, so I don't dish it out.

On a more pleasant note, I've also been crocheting now in the evenings, I guess I am getting used to it and it doesn't hurt so much now. I started an ocean colored pineapple top, that will mostly be my own design, though the start came from an old pattern in Crochet Fantasy. I've had the pattern for years and have made it up several different ways. Each time is different. I start with the pattern yoke and then change everything else. I will have to make a thin cotton camisol to wear under it but it will still be nice in summer. I haven't worked on the knitted top in a while-it will be too hot to wear it for a while anyway.

The weather here has been comfortable some times and miserable others. Terrible floods next door in Kansas and Oklahoma. We had some small ones up north in Missouri, but nothing like they have had. I do sympathize with them-though I have no way of helping. I do wish I could.
Its too bad that the rain doesn't always fall where needed. Well thats all the news, someday I promise that I'll put up some pictures, right now I don't have any.