Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Work

Hello again, still working-though we had friday off. We won't have anymore time off until the fouth, I hope. I really need the hours. Haven't done much knitting or crochet in the last few days, but I am getting ready to start a pineapple type top in crochet. In thread, it should only take me a few years to make it.LOL. Not really, but it will take me a while. I am still working on the knitted cap-sleeved sweater. In the meantime, until I actually have something interesting to show you or post here is a cute blog thing I found on the Mogs blog.

Your Birthdate: November 20

You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride.
Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing.
When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it.
It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious.

Your strength: Your warm heart

Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions

Your power color: Black

Your power symbol: Musical note

Your power month: February

Monday, June 11, 2007

At work

For those few of you who read my blog-I know I have been a bad blogger. I just don't have time to post like I would like too. And when I do have time I am usually busy doing something that needs doing. I am also tired when I get home. working in a factory is not always easy. I started out one place and when they ran out of work for us I was sent elsewhere. That's okay-I am much happier where I am now, than where I was. I am doing something similar-but the work is lighter to me, and the people are much nicer. The pay is slightly lower-but I won't quibble about that, with such an improved atmosphere. I am just happy to have a job, and soon I will get more hours so that means a bit more money. Life is a lot easier when you have money.

I have been knitting on a top that I will photograph when its done. Its knitted this time. and I did finish a crocheted cotton afghan for my own use. It's very light and perfect for rainy summer afternoons, when I am home. I enjoy my time at home much more now too. You can be home too much, you know. When everything starts to look the same at home and you don't like it anymore, then you know you've been at home to long. It's time for a change, now I am off to do some beading. I am restringing about ten of my bracelets on stretch cord-the metal I used before irritates my skin ( nickle ) you know.

I write again when time allows. Oh and I have lost almost 8 pounds!