Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Cute Blogthing

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You are Blue

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I saw this on another blog and thought it was cute.

Can't think of a title!

I would have posted earlier-but there is still nothing going on of interest to the rest of the world. Still in the process of collecting art supplies-there are still a number of paints and a couple of acrylic mediums that I want to have to start with. I did start one painting in gouche-but the paint just drys so quickly that there isn't time to do any blending, and blending is crucial to what I want to do and how it will look.

I'm still crocheting tea towels from my own pattern. It's really just a very modified version of the granny square tea towels that came out in the 70's or 80's. It is my favorite pattern for those things. And I am making some wool hats to felt and embroider on, as a quick project for the summer. I just don't want to sit around and make large items in the heat of the summer, you know sitting out in the sun with a large wool sweater on my lap just doesn't sound all that fun.

I started a new diet plan as well. I looked up how much I am actually suposed to eat just to maintain my weight-and it is a lot of food. I have been starving on about 500 or 700 calories a day and wondering why I can't loose any weight. So now I am actually trying to eat what I should eat-minus-a 1000 calories a day. It works on paper, so it should work in reallity. we'll just have to see. I get to eat way more than 700 calories, though I did have to cut back on chocolate.

And I'm thinking about starting to sew again. I have a neat top pattern that I would like to try out and some new shorts and tees wouldn't be a bad idea. I am just sort of holding off to see if the new diet will work. I just don't want to make up a whole bunch of clothes and find out they don't fit in a couple of months. Well that its for now , will try to find something to take pictures of for the next post.