Monday, January 30, 2006

Trolls and Ponchos

Yea!, I get to make another post, yes I am busy so I get excited when I do. This time I get to add a couple of pics to it. I tend to collect things. One of them is trolls-you remember the ugly-ok they aren't ugly little dolls that came out in the 60's and 70's and 80's and again and again. I like to get the crappy ones and replace their hair with good wool hair and make new outfits for them. I know , I know, I sound like a little kid. Well here are two of them I have. Peaches and Blueberry, with their new hair and outfits. They had really crapy fake fur hair and were naked. I designed the outfits from felt, just like they did originally, I had to make some patterns for them too.But I am pleased with the result.
I also crocheted two new ponchos. The ponchos in the picture are made handspun wool and a vinetage wool that I bought years ago. I spun the singles for the lavender one and the blue one is made from a yarn called Impressions-I wish I could remember who made it. Yes I make ponchos, I don't care who hates or likes them. I like the small ones to wear at home. I am hot one minute and cold another, so they are perfect for me-and I don't have to pin or hold them on like I do shawls. Of course, I like shawls too and plan on crocheting one real soon.

Right now I want to start a couple of tops from an old pattern in one of the old crochet fantasy magazines. One will be lavendar and one will be some other color. I may make more than one. I have two or three from this pattern now, they never look the same when I keep using different stitches to make them. I wish I could find a new copy of the magazine, mine is getting rather ragged. I keep looking for one sooner or later I will find one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Not enough

I don't post often enough, but then how often is often enough. I don't have a lot to say. Am still exercising my butt off, trying to loose a few pounds. For that matter, exercise is taking up most of my spare time right now. I'd love to spend more time crocheting or knitting, but there are only so many hours in the day. In the effort to boost my very slow metabolism. I exercise about every two hours. Loosing weight at work was easy-now being at home all the time its not. The exercise periods are only for 15 minutes, but still its hard to get back to what I was doing after I finish.
Have started a beige sweater out of the skads of simply soft I had stashed away for an afghan, you only need so many afghans. And simply soft is so soft. The pattern is based on Judith Copeland's modular crochet sweaters in an old book called "Design Crochet". It is a really good book, with a number of items I want to make, its out of print now, has been for years. But still very relevant I think.
On the finished object front, I did finish a sock and started the second one. I'm really a slow sock knitter, though it could be because I am also crocheted on the sweater. Listening to Music and reading some of Anne McCaffrey's books. Love her books. And Mercedes Lackey. Great Authors, both of them.I"ll try to post some pictures next time. I still have them all in the camera.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Not me, my sweater got ripped out. I was over halfway done with a crocheted sweater. Somehow I tightened up on my guage towards the end and since it was a side to side pattern-It looked asymetrical. Not quite the look Iwas going for. Ill do it in the round next time. The stitch pattern will look just a well that way.

I made some more changes to my blog, I didn't like the weather pixie, because she had no kitty with her. I wanted the one with the kitty. I changed that. I also changed the names on the blog list to the actual blog name. I can never remember anyones name, but I can remember their blog name. Eccept Felicia at Isis Rising and Katherine at UpIsland Eggs. I've been reading Katherines web page for years before she got a blog. And Felicia helped me with HTml a good bit. She has a wonderful Tutorial on HTml. Thats two out of how many?

I don't have much to post about, my exercise program seems to be going allright. My knee isn't hurting like it ususally does. I twisted it three years ago, when riding a horse. It has never healed and there is fluid on the knee. I finally found an exercise that helps the pain. You buy one of those cheap, door knob exercisers and use the tension you can create on it to do bycycling while laying on your back. You are still working your knee, but not putting any weight on it. It has done me more good than anything else in the three years since I was injured. And my back isn't hurting either. It always hurts. And it hasn't hurt since I started working out with this thing. Every thing has it's purpose. Well must go now, need to clean the kitchen and get ready for the week end.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Very Little

Very Little is going on in my life right now. I am struggling to loose weight. I would like eventually to go back to work. I know if I don't take off the weight I have gained staying home that I won't be able to get or to keep a job. There are just to many problems and too much pain involved in working when I weigh so much.

I am listening to the news now. They found only one survivor in that coal mine accident in West Virginia. It is so sad, one of them was getting ready to retire. Of course the owners of the mine are not to blame for it. They won't want to spend the money to help the familys. Peoples lives just don't seem to be worth a lot to the corporate world. You know, I have always felt so disposable to my former employers. They would walk by and tell me how good a job I was doing and two months later, fire me or lay me off. That tells me that it doesn't matter how good a worker you are when they need to cut back, everyone is expendable.

I think I will just look for a part time job. That way I can still help with the bills, but still have time at home to do what I need and want to do. I am just now felting in the washer a new catnip mouse for my cat. She has chewed up the ones she had. They were from the store, I hope this one lasts longer. The Queen must have her mouse.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Overdone It a bit

Yes I know, I have overdone it a bit. I would post a photograph of myself, but I have no desire to see myself on the web anymore. I found the weather Pixie and posted one of them and I have my virtual Llama. As soon as I figure out how to move them around I will. In the meantime it stays as it is. I finished posting my links. I overdid that too, but there is method to my madness. I loose all my book marks each and every time I have my computer worked on. This way they are all here. If I have to, I can upload the photos from a diskette on my hubbys office computer. The only bookmarks that I never loose are the ones I have on my webpages. It seems the safest way to keep them. I hope I don't have to have anything done for a while.

When I get done with this post I am going to my old site, which I still have to work with for the next six months and start copying photos to the harddrive. Then I have a lot of stuff to put on CD. I don't want to loose all the stuff I have again. I am slowly learning more stuff. I am kinda old to start over so I don't want to waste time in a class learning so I will have to learn everything" hands on". Until I get that done I will just be writting things to this blog. Gotta go finish my dishes now. Not much left to do.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Links, Links,and more Links!

I just finished posting all the Links I have on my computer so far, Please let me know if I am stealing anyone's bandwidth. I tried to post all these properly, but unless you have a lot of knowlege about this stuff sometimes you aren't sure.

We watched the Rose parade or most of it. The rain may have made the marchers miserable-but the color was enhanced a lot. It was pretty nice. I am getting ready to put in an old movie. I love old movies. I will sit and watch it and work on a sweater that I started before Christmas. Its made out of Lionbrand Homespun in the Montana colorway. Its crocheted from side to side. I knit too, but I can never make up my mind which one I like to do better. It's cold here today, and supposed to warm up tomorrow. We have not had much cold weather at all this year. Hopefully we will start getting some rain in the near future, Or we will have a really bad year. Waterwise. I would even welcome some snow, even though it would melt quick as warm as it is.

I will also write in my private journal. I keep one that has little to do with what I write online. I also keep a journel of knitting and crochet projects with patterns that I came up with or favorite patterns from books or the internet. I guess I just like to write everything out so I don't forget. Hopefully I can spend some time tomorrow adding some pics and things to this.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Purple Llamas

Happy New Year !

I adopted a Purple llama, a sort of mascot. It is so cute. I am enjoying starting another blog. I think I will have to learn some HTML. I have tried to avoid it, but it now seems inevitable. I don't want to pay for blog space andmore. I still have six months or so on my paid service, but I have always like this blogs design. I want to post some knitting pictures and crochet, but I want to be able to post on other subjects too. I hope I did the posting correctly-I wouldn't want to steal bandwidth or anything. I will have to copy some photo files back to my harddrive so I can repost them here before they are gone from the other website. Any way this is just a short post to wish the world the best.