Saturday, June 06, 2009

On a Happier note than the last

My last post was rather depressed and surly, okay downright angry. It seems that I am only really happy now, working in the yard or crocheting or working on my crappy house. Oh and writing. I am still working on the books, and my go back to two others I started years ago, I have found part of one and the outline and a couple of chapters of one other. The third one I'll have to start from memory. I lost all of it when I moved 20 years ago. Writing is good therapy, even if it is never published. I write better on my stories than I write here. Though sometimes the rules of grammar are very hard for me to remember. I remember a little better all the time though.

I finished something to send my dear daughter, and if she reads this-perhaps she will send me a picture when she gets it (Hint, hint). She would make a much better model than my maniquin would. You know that crocheted top I started months ago? I still haven't finished it! No matter how many balls of thread I have bought none of them work, it is just a totally different shade of blue and I have tried two other dye lots. So... I decided to do the sleeves in a shade of lavender and try to trim it with the blue I have. If you can't match them, change them. I may like it better, who knows, it won't be quite so stuffy and perfect that way. I never seem to like things that are too stuffy, perfect or nice. I want that little defect that makes them not look like they are machine made, I guess. For me I am even making a pink scarf from some lacette I got on clearance. I don't wear much pink, I don't look good in it, but I have one pink sweater that I like and looks okay on me, so I wanted a scarf for the winter that will work with it, and this one will.

Oh and I got some sewing patterns for pants, a tunic top and a coat that can be a dress jacket or just a cover-up or even make a winter type coat. I really don't like much of what is in the stores today and would rather make my own. I was thinking some denim for the shell and maybe some black fleece for the lining with maybe some insulation too. It's a swing-type coat that can be made short or long with only one button or two-I hate zippers-they are always breaking, if a button pops, I just put on a new one. And that brings us to my house hold repairs!

I am excited because I got the lumber to redo my floors, so now I can do my sewing room and put all my sewing things and crafts things back in there, and that means I can start making things again. New clothes that fit! Stuff to sell in my little flea market booth and things for the house. It will also give me a quiet place to write in, though I also love to sit outside (when the bugs aren't too bad) and write in the shade.

That brings me back to the yard, I am now looking for rock-can't use them yet, so I can rock in the floor part of my little sitting spot.My sitting spot is just a little park bench and table under a tree with some flowers. Rocking in the floor of it and cleaning it out of weeds and things should help eliminate some of the bugs. I am picking up rock in my yard and some at the store so it will a jumble of things. Like something done years ago. maybe some stepping stones and the like. And then I start the repairs on the outside of the house. I may start some of them this weekend or the next weekend. Probably this weekend. Nothing fancy, just real repairs. I am feeling much better, though health problems do persist, I am not going to let them rule me anymore, or quit doing something just cause I might get hurt again.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I just don't know anymore!

It's true, I just don't know anymore. To post or not to post. I really don't think anyone in America really reads this stuff anyway, maybe a few of you. The last few months though, it seems that I have lost a lot of my interest in blogging. I've noticed a big decline in the number of posts on my favorite craft blogs and the complete ceasing on others of any posts. Are we loosing interest in our blogs, or is the economy just getting so many of us down that we have nothing cheerful to say? Or is it the war and politics. I keep worrying that we are going to get into another war, with oh, say Korea. They either really want one, or they are really desparate to get help. I guess no one ever told them that you can 'catch more flies with honey than with sour milk'.

And you can post and post on the presidents site, and I don't think anyone really reads them, they send you a thank-you for your support-even if you didn't support their position. That seems to indicate that now the president has been elected, he is doing what got the last one in trouble and not listening to those that elected him, he has started listening to the advisors who know so much-they or some like them are the ones that helped the last president put us in this position.

Does all this say to you what it does to me, that no one is listening and that no one really cares what happens to the middle class and the ones below it. It seem to, that they are really trying to set the middle class against the poor and lower, by trying to make them pay for all the programs and funding that is needed. Small businesses should be pretty much exempt if they provide jobs for people, stick it to the big corporations that have sent all the factory and production jobs overseas, they are the real culprits. If they had not started this, by eliminating jobs and increasing their own profits, the people on the bottom would have money for their car payments and house payments and to put into social security and keep things going, but not they had to send our jobs away, then the ones selling house and buying real estate had to get in on it and now the housing market is falling apart. Greatly simplified I know, but still true, these people didn't just break some eggs, they tried to steal the chickens too.

Still in the end, who winds up paying for it all, the middle class and the poor. I've heard that the poor don't pay taxes-bull****. They pay sales taxes, hidden taxes and all sorts of other taxes no one even seems to know about. In my state we pay taxes on all food items. You spend $100 on food and pay about $8 in taxes, not much you say-but how about that times 52 weeks,that's $416 dollars a year. And then there is gas tax, property tax, real estate tax, it adds up to a lot, there is no free ride even for the ones who don't have much. Does anyone ever ask these questions or do they just not want to know. You take someone who makes less than $24,000 in a year and they still pay around $1500 to $2000 a year in taxes and no I am not talking about income tax alone- they get a little of that back, I am talking about, real estate, personal property, sales tax , gas tax and all those little hidden taxes that are tacked on before you make a purchase. No one is exempt from them. From the upper middle class down, we all pay more than our share.

The laws are written to protect those above the middle class, and give them shelters so they can keep more in proportion to us. Basically they are written to keep the poor poor and the middle class from really ever getting into the rich upper classes. They are written so the poor and the middle class pay an unfair percentage of taxes, of course this is just my take on it, I am sure, some won't agree, but still I am entitled to my opinion and I have expressed it. Hope someone at the top reads this and see another point of view and maybe just thinks about it.

Ta !