Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sort of about I phones, Okay all about I phones

Yes it is sort of about I phones, you know the new one, the 3G. As I said before I just got a new PDA phone. It does most of what i want it to do, but not all-I still can't watch Youtube and I haven't been able to figure out how to post on it yet. When I try to use it to post, I get this little space to type my post in that only shows a line at a time. I don't know about you but I don't think I could remember what I put in that space unless I can see it all at once. So no posting with it unless I write it out and there is no copy and paste function on this phone. Anyway I've been fairly happy with it other wise-I have music on it-though I could use some decent headphones to listen with, but I have to get the new blue tooth ones, and they are expensive. And I need to reformat the music so that it can be listened to an Album at a time instead of a song at a time-mistake when putting it into the phone-mine. Next time I will get it right I hope-I did the first time.

Anyway that brings me to the I Phone, the DH just won one at work, a brand new, still in the box, I phone 3g with an 8 gig memory. He wants to have it turned on-for me. I thought he was going to sell it. It will cost a little more than we are paying now for my smartphone. I don't know what to do, on the one hand its an I Phone. They are much better now than when they first came out. It will do a lot more than my smartphone does. No I won't be getting rid of my smart phone-I just won't be using it. I'll keep it in case the other one breaks,or I may keep the I phone in case the smartphone gets broken, or quits on me. You know how easy that can happen. I'm just not sure, so I guess I'll leave it in the box for now and think about it. After all it's an I phone. Though I would never have bought one for myself-its going to be hard to turn it down.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Untitled or I can't think of anything

I really can think of anything much to say that would interest anyone. I have become a little disgusted with the oil companies-but who hasn't. I have been buying a little yarn, the low end discounters around here have been having Pattons lacet for a dollar a ball, I now have 25 or so balls, also a couple of other high end yarns for that price. It's seems to be the only way I can afford to really indulge in stash enhancement right now. Though I confess to buying two skeins of Lionbrand sock yarn in a couple of quiet colorways-It was only $2.99 a skein and will make two pair of socks for this winter.

I need to get to teeth pulled, but can't find a dentist around here that will pull them, so I have to wait until I can go out of state and have it done at a clinic. No really, the dentist around here won't pull my teeth, they insist on root canals, and it's a root canal I need pulled or did, my teeth are so brittle that the root canal sheared off at the gumline and now will need dental surgery. I will have to wait for the DH to be off work, after an anesthetic I don't function well. The clinic isn't far away I just don't think I'll be able to drive after they pull all the teeth I want pulled, about five of them. My whole family has this problem, after a certain age they just seem to go. They want about $25000 to fix my teeth, It will cost around $2500 to $3000 to have them pulled and get dentures, believe me I really want dentures. My parents both had them and loved them, they kept them clean and didn't have to go to the dentist anymore. I don't think I am in any danger of bone loss, neither my parents nor my brothers, both with dentures ever had any problems so I doubt I will either. I am really tired of going in to the dentist and he tells me what he's going to do even after I've told him what I want done. And then he charges me $300 for doing nothing. The only reason they want to fix my teeth instead of dentures is money, they won't get anymore if they pull em' and they can keep bleeding me of money if they don't.

Still working on the shawl, I promise I will take a picture when it's done. I only have about 4 more inches to go on it and then a border of some kind. I did crochet another pair of socks, I like to do socks cause they go fast. And I am now working on a baby blanket for the DH's neice she is going to have a baby in August-it will be a boy. I may try to make some other things for her too. I don't have much baby type stuff in the yarn or fabric stash so I'll have to wait and see and go through what I have.

Well, I guess I did have a little to say, I refrain most of the time because it comes out in a rant, when I get wound up. I try to avoid getting wound up! I really fear to get wound up on politics, religion or my many pet peeves, and the oil companys, ugh! %#$@^& if you know what I mean! We can all loose our jobs and homes and starve to death and the government doesn't care-but save the banking system and the money of the well to do! The rich might have to do without a new car or another house.