Friday, March 28, 2008

Time away from blogging

I took some time away from blogging. I've been spending my time working on my sewing area and downloading some pattern books from the Antique Pattern Library. Org. You can google it if you want to do some downloading. Keep in mind that these texts are for personal use, They say that you can print off copies and give them away-but don't sell them. They have some lovely antique crochet patterns and stuff. I want to learn Irish crochet. They have oodles of patterns for it. It has taken me days to download most of the ones I wanted.

There are a lot of free librarys on line. Gutenburg, Arizona has a whole library of textile files, Antique pattern library. There are all kinds of patterns and instuctions for weaving, knitting, dyeing, sewing, crocheting, tatting, spinning, embroidery-you name it they have it. It's a good place to start if you want to learn something but aren't sure you will like it and don't want to spend a lot to find out. When I have time, I'll add some links to these places. I am big on free books and things. There is also the Childrens Digital library for kids. They have a lot of free books that you can read online or print off-I think. I know you can read them. Kids should love it. They have some of the beautifully illustrated old time ones too.

Another reason I haven't been online alot is books. We got almost 200 books for $4 at a bookstore that was closing. We have a lot of Sci-fi to read now. Most we have never read. I also sneaked in a copy of Walden, and a book on making softoys and a couple of crochet leaflets. The owner didn't care as long as we took a box of books. Wish I could've gotten some of the childrens books too. In case you are wondering, I love books of all kinds. I also love a good bargain.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Islam means to Muslims

I thought this was an interesting story, considering the timing. I mean with Obama being part Kenyan and not Muslim. And coming close to being the presidential Nominee. This is just a sample of what they want to do. The problem is that when you look at it from their viewpoint is that any other religion or pagan religion is a violation of their freedom. This means Christians, Jews, Buddahism and Pagan religions. This is their attempt to start to control the rest of us. Here is the link: hope it shows. Islamic Demands Again I find the timing suspicious.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Posting Pictures

Well the light box is done-It turned out a little strange. I wanted a bit of background in it, So I use a large paper box and lined it with scrap white cardstock, I got several years ago at a job I had and wish I still had. I cut bits and pieces of white card stock into rectangles and squares to give it a bit of texture and cut down on the glare. You can see the background in the pics of my Hello kittys. This one is done with natural light. I also placed a very tiny nightlight bulb in it. More recycling, I had a tiny flip switch night light like you plug into the wall-we never use it. I made a small hole in my box before lining it and glued the night light in then put in the only tiny bulb I had-need a new white light one. This one has a slight yellow cast, here the pic I took with it and not using the flash. But it still worked better than I thought it would.

The Hello Kittys turned out Ok too, I was happy with them. I always wanted one. The one on the left is made with microspun and embroidered with DMC Flower thread. It is jointed and can be posed. The one on the right is my favorite though it was made top-down in one piece-like you would a top down sweater. It's made from Paton's BeMine. It is just so soft. They are both stuffed with polyfiber fill. There dresses are made out of microspun too. Both are crocheted. There is no pattern. I just used an idea off the top of my head. Hope to post some more pictures tomorrow if they turn out. I've been making tons of scarves-got tired of the really easy ones and decided to make some really pretty lace ones. And I have a small shawl to show you too.

I'll be posting more links about Obama, and incidently you can google him and check him out on Wikipedia, and what they say on there correlates with a lot of the stuff on Schlussels site and with the link at the bottom of her page. He really doesn't have any experience, he was in public housing. My near and dear spent years in that and could tell you it's not enough. He also lectured on law, and that too isn't enough. When I have time I will also be posting some on Clinton. Incidently I don't vote for the one I like always-I vote for the one that I think will do the best job whether or not I like him or her. But no one should decide just on the basis of their ability to speachify. I fear that is what most people are doing.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Polytics again, and someday some pictures

I had to get new batteries for my camera-now I need to build a light box. It's almost impossible to take decent pictures of small things when the light is wrong. I don't like to use the flash as it seems to wash out all the color. My Hello Kitty pictures turned out awfull and I want to start posting more pictures than I have been. I have lots of finished things to show and some unfinished things. An no pictures. The next subject is politics. Since religous freedom is so important to me. Keep in mind that to me religious freedom also means freedom from religion. I don't want someone forcing me to go to some church where someone tells me what to believe in-not happening. So here goes.

I hate politicians, on the other hand I like politics. I made up my mind a long time ago who I would vote for, my critiria are a bit different than other peoples. I tend to be a live and let live individual. I want people to let me believe what I want to believe, follow the Gods I want to follow etc. I found this today while Googleing Barak Obama, I am posting this link-you can read it if you want to or not. I just found it interesting-its just another perception. Barak Obama I don't know how much is true or not-bet some one could find out if they really wanted too. I personally want to know all about the candidates that are running. I know pretty much everything about Clinton-but not to much about Obama-the news media is not very open about his past. I wonder if they are trying to hide anything. You know the media-all they care about is their healines, ratings and how much coverage they can get with a story. If you are interested in this stuff, check it out and give your opinion. If it is true-its just a little scary , don't you think.