Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where I've been

Where I have been, just really busy. I got so addicted to the internet that I have been trying to actually do something. I am on facebook playing fishwrangler though I am planning on quitting that too in January. I am just tired of reading about what other people are doing. I have started sewing and spinning again. I am working on several things at once. A crocheted scarf, a modular pullover, I'm knitting a pair of socks. I will post once in a while but I've started doing more and being on the internet less. A vicarious life through the internet is just not enough.

I got out my Louet S51 I had to fix the drive band it was old and replace it, right now I am spinning with a drive band made of Stretch Magic jewelry elastic, It works pretty well.
I still need a real one, but will get that later. I've had this wheel for 15 years and used it very little. Now I have dug out all the stuff I had to spin, It should keep me busy for a while, at least. Among these spinnables is one pound of honey tussah silk. I am hoping by the time I spin my way through the wool and the mohair that I will be able to spin the silk into a laceweight two ply yarn to make a shawl from. I've been spinning with spindles occasionally, but it is so slow for me that I have hung them from a garland in my sewing room and hardly use them now.

I've modified a doily pattern and am working on a shawl, it should be beautiful, I am making it in a nice but fairly cheap acrylic, so I can rip back easily and make modifications, once its done in acrylic, I am hoping by then to have something nice to make it in. I've got two skeins of cashwool I could use, and one really beautiful skein of a handpainted merino. I think this will look best in the white color. I really like the idea of making it from the silk.

I have also bought 40 skeins of Aunt Lydia's bamboo thread. I saved a long time for that stuff. several months it took me. Now I am not allowing myself to buy any more yarn or thread except
for specific projects. I have a number of sewing projects in the que. I hope to get some of it done. I did actually get a pair of curtains made, it's a start. I have 4 large and three small storage boxes of yarn to get through and two or more storage boxes of fabric. I really want to use some of it up so we'll have a little bit of room in our dinky house.

I am also learning to play the guitar again. It's slow and my fingers get sore. Anyway that's not all that is going on, but it's all I have time for now.