Thursday, October 26, 2006

Still around

Yes we are still around, My DH is still looking for employment. I think he will find something soon. If he gets one compatable with the hours I'll have I may take a temp job. I don't know how I will handle all the overtime -but it is still money.

The cats are doing great-the little one is still driving me up the wall, where she stays most of the time. She has found out how to get in my underwear drawer, and has learned to hide in there. I don't care much for that because she is a chewer. She chews on everything.

I think I am going to start painting again. I have been trying to start, and have had several false starts. Perhaps this time will be the right thing.

My mind is too scattered right now for much of anything. I am crocheting a shrug-the easiest thing possible. No thought to that-It will probably be more like one of the those polish sweaters. I need to finish the sweater I started knitting for my hubby, from one of Anne Budds pattern books.

I am also canceling my CrochetMe newsletter. I don't like the things that I have heard about one of the Editors. People should not take credit for others work-and that appears to be what she is doing. She wrote the new book but only did three of the beginners crochet designs. Nine or ten others did the rest and got $100 cash for each design. She is getting all the royalties. That seems unfair, I think that is why I would rather self publish what I am designing. Besides I don't join the cheering corners of anyone. There are many who do a good job. The other reason is that they have not had anything really good for a year or more-most of it you can do with a good stitch book and some knowhow. I don't need the crap.

Well that is all the news I have for now-May post some pictures later if I have time.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

No Pictures again

No time for pictures, Haven't finished anything so I haven't taken any. I have started another sweater for myself in purple tweedy yarn, and another shrug in some denim blue homespun-yes I still have some. I am so tired of making shawls and will probably wind up donating those I have already made to a senior citizens center. We get tired of them laying around the house all ready to go and no place to send them.

My DH had a campout last night with the cub scouts-his son is in it. It seems really dumb to have it so late in the year-I am surprised that the kids don't all wind up sick. Sleeping on the cold ground. Sometimes parents have no common sense. I know that being out in the cold doesn't make them sick-thats a virus or bacteria but if they are already sick or have a cold it can make them worse.

The Cats are all okay-the little one is driving me crazy-admittedly its a short drive. She reminds me of a cartoon cat that is running around on the walls and ceiling. She has knocked over every thing that is not too heavy and broken several things and you can't make her behave. She just looks at you when you yell or swat her with a paper and does it anyway. She climbs the clothes in my closet-you know what that does to clothes and crawls underneath and into the dresser drawers. I am at my wits end with her. She has gotten into my yarn scraps and strewn them all over the place-you name it she has done it. I may have to have her spayed and just put her outside with the others that don't want to behave or have bad habits. Other options are having her declawed and spayed-that usually takes some of the mean out of them or makes it worse, but I haven't been able to make up my mind and if I wait too long my DH will make it up for me.

Right now I think I will get off here and go finish the dishes and start organizing my crochet patterns in notebooks-they need it. I collect way too many crochet patterns. I have them in boxes sitting around and need to put them in some order so they can be used. Anyway have a good weekend .

Friday, October 06, 2006

Life changes

No pics today, and maybe not for a while. I haven't been doing much, am working on a pattern to go in a book I want to write. On crochet-it won't be out for a long time. I have two other patterns in rough form and one already copyrighted. That's four and I hope to have more in the course of time. Hopefully the crochet fad will have died down and the book will come out and be out for a while. It amazes me how fast they come and go. But the time I am ready to buy the book it is already out of print and no longer in the bookstores, and I have to buy it in the used bookstore. I hate fads. The good ones goes out too fast and the dumb ones are around too long.

Many things are changing around here in the next two weeks, more about that-when its over-hopefully. It depends on whether or not I am online for much longer. I just may have to go to the library to use the computer. That will make it a lot more complicated for me. We will just have to see what the future holds for my DH and me. Right now I am thinking of selling this place and moving somewhere else. It has to be someplace where I can have my cats. I don't think I could stand to move into an appartment that didn't allow my pets. Like I said-we don't know what the future holds for us do we? Tarot cards not with standing! Have a good weekend!!!!!!