Friday, August 08, 2008

youth and beauty and old age

Youth and Beauty, this is apparently what the world runs on now. I just don't get it. I have very little interest in my own appearance anymore. When I put on makeup it usually that mineral powder stuff-its the quickest and easiest way to make up my face. Half the time I forget to moisterize-though I don't need it in the summer. My hair, I wear in a pony tail just like I did in high school and grade school, and no i don't have a big collection of scrunchies-i make em up when I need them.

I try to stay healthy-though with my teeth problems right now thats not easy. I can't eat much that you have to chew. I am looking for a dentist still, that will pull teeth. If I wait long enough-he'll have no choice. One of my bridges has come loose and is causing me some pain-the dentist will say "root canal" I'll say "no" One of my teeth lost a filling and then broke in half-more pain. My root canal sheered off at the gumline. And all my front teeth now have cracks in them that I can see, without a magnifying glass. I have insurance-I just don't want them saved. I want them pulled-which requires me to wait until there is no hope of saving them. Then the dentist I choose will have no other alternative. That means enduring more pain. Once they are out it means dentures, i intend to take a picture of my mouth literally so I can match the size of the teeth to what I have. I even want them the same cream color-my teeth are not white even after a cleaning-and I see no point in tooth whitening. To me it is just another thing people waste time and money on, they are only teeth.

On what is too me a brighter note, i have almost finished another shawl that i started several months ago. In paton's brilliant in Marvelous mocha. It's i think, going to be one of my favorites, I'll actually be able to put a button on it. I am wanting to finish it tonight. I'd like to take some pictures monday and post them. I've been doodle drawing, just drawing little things and putting them together on a sheet of paper and coloring them in with pencils or pens. It's fun and my drawing has improved a lot. I don't care much for painting anymore-would rather draw. I've also got my machine set up and have made-one top. I have a couple of things I want to do to it. The cotton sheeting works well for this. Thats all the news I have for now. Tata.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Crochet magazine just came in the mail

I just got my new crochet magazine-I rarely take subscriptions. For the most part, the new ones are sponsored by certain yarn companys and usually feature only their yarn-which really limits the patterns they come up with. And to me-the new stuff, for the most part is just as clunky as some of the old stuff that they had in the 60s and 70s. I didn't like it then I don't like it now. I like the light lacey looks, but they always manage to clunk them up-don't they. Or they will come up with a nice design in a really crappy colorway.

I do miss Crochet fatasy and Magic crochet and Decorative crochet, those were my favorites. I have about 50, or maybe 70 issues of them and refer to them constantly. The new ones get a glance or two and then put away. I did recently join one of those crafts bookclubs and bought some new books-mostly stitch guides, I just didn't care for the pattern books themselves, but can always use new stitch guides. I got all three of Linda Schappers books, now, her block book, edgings and stitches. I like them a lot,at first I was dissapointed because all the swatches were done in beige yarn-but that means I can choose the color without a preconceived notion. When I reallized that-I was really happy with them. I collect motif books too when I can find them. I've got several of them with some of the newer designs in them. All at sale prices too.

And yes I am going back to sewing, I haven't yet-its just too hot to sit at the machine and work on anything-though I long to sit there and make some cool shorts and pants and tops. I think about it all the time. I will get back to it-though maybe not until it cools down some.

I have continued too, to buy the dollar a ball yarn-I now have about 36 skeins of Pattons lacet and 10 skeins of Pattons glitterlash. I also splurged at the flea market and bought 3 skeins of Noro Hana silk for $3 each-I couldn't resist them-I may even go get a couple more, if they are still there. I have been getting some good bargins, and not spending a whole lot either. I guess I am learning to find bargins in everything that I use for my crafts. this winter I'll be using a lot of it.