Friday, April 10, 2009

What the H***

I am going to moderate comments from now on, I don't like Spam. I guess though, this is as good a time as any to make a post. I don't have a lot to say. I'm going to get a little space in a local shop, to sell off some of my knitting needles and some leaflets and a few other things. It is a small space so I don't have to pay much for it. I want to clear out some of the junk pardon me "treasures" that I have accumulated over the many years of trying many hobbies. Don't worry I am keeping some of my favorite needles and things-just in case.

I've decided that knitting is just not my forte'. I am just so much happier with my hooks. I am working on three and possibly four stories now too. I won't be so presumptuous as to call them books yet. But with the economy the way it is, anything that gives a chance at something is good.
I finally got the laptop I wanted. It's just a little one, It may have showed up on a previous post, I have Multiply set up so that when I post one there, it shows up here. That was to save time, but sometimes the posts get mixed up unless I write it all down. I am not good at remembering things at all.

We are going to get some more repairs done on the house, most of it I will do when the weather gets warm, I can't lift things anymore, so the DH will set things in place and do the lifting and i will nail them or glue or whatever is needed. I guess i will just have to do the easy things, they are also the most time consuming though. I want to get some furniture slider thing's so I can move furniture to clean and work on without lifting them or fighting with them. The rooms need painted and I can do that, and I want new wallpaper borders up, something light and easy to see. This house is too dark and I don't see well so I want it very light. And we need some new floors in some of the rooms, i can nail it down after he lays it out. Oh and I get to put down the new tile (I haven't got yet). Once I am done though, I will finally have a room to work in, and a lot less junk, cause it is going in the trash, getting sold or getting donated if i don't want to sell it. Oh and the bedroom is getting done too, so that makes me happy. It is too dingy and dark for me.

I already got rid of a large stack of knitting books, and got a nice book credit at the bookstore for future use. I have a few more that are going and a stack of crochet leaflets too, or will I hmmm. I won't price them too high, just enough to make a bit. I am not greedy-I'll leave that for the person who buys them from me a then jacks up the prices in the booth they take them too. It happens all the time here.

Well that's all really, nothing really exciting happens here-for which, I am now, devoutly grateful after all the horrible things that have happened in our country to other people, I am now grateful for the boredom!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Don't you hate spammers!!!!!

You know it is funny to me, but whenever a company uses spam, I make it a point when I find out what company it is, to not patronize them in any way. That's why I deleted the previous two comments. I may not be doing anything with my blog now, but that may change in the future. Will do a legitimate post when I have time. Ah revoir.