Friday, June 30, 2006

At last a post with pics-I hope!

I have finally been able to take pictures of the kitten, Its very hard to do so. Everytime I try, when she sees the camera she chases it and me around the room. She has a habit too of trying to climb my pant leg. Here is the first picture of her.She is playing around my spinning wheel.Blogger can be such a pain to post pictures on.

Here is a picture of the Blue shawl that I have been working on for a week, it is crocheted from and old pattern that I got in a used book store. It was called a Yo's symbolcraft pattern, and is basically Japanese. It came out in 1974, I did add an edging to it, to make it more rounded, it had points all around.

The pictures just never appear where I put them. I started another one of these shawls, It is much plainer and looks more like a cape-it'll be a lot heavier too. I'll try to post more pictures later. It took over ten minutes to post these two. I like to upload some pictures of little grey.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Just a Note

Just a note to let you know I am still here. I have been busy crocheting-finished a shawl based on an old pattern. You know the new thing in knitting and crochet patterns is symbol graphs. I am working from an old pattern from 1974 that is all symbols. It was written in Japanese. I have always had trouble following graphs and these are no exception, but I am gradually getting the hang of it. The shawl turned out beautifully. I followed the pattern until about six inches to the end and then I add rows of shells to it so it would be round instead of having points-it was supposed to be like a snowflake. I also don't like making repeated joins in acrylic thread. This way there was only one or two. I have always wanted to make a shawl something like the knitted ones and can't find a pattern that I like. This one turned out great though. I will post picutures of It and the last hand bag I made and the kitten.

We are getting ready to wean the kitten from the bottle. It already eats solid food and is hungry all the time.
It is still so mean-I'd like to cut its claws but my older cat gets really exuberant when it plays with her,so I thought I'd better wait. My big kitty gets rolls her all over the house. So she will need the daggers for a while. But when the time comes -clip-clip.

I also got a new treadmill-now maybe I can take off the weight I have put on. I hope so I am tired of making larger sizes for everything. Well got to go now. Need to get the mail and do my last stint on the mill and do my other exercises.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Computer is home at last

Well I have my computer back or sorta, My mother board bit the dust. So everything is now switched over to another computer. It works Ok, but as I am still on old slow dial-up, it is still going to take forever to make a post. I think in the next few months Iwill get a new one. Then just maybe I'll spring for DSL. That should make being on the puter a lot more fun.

As to the kitten I was given, She is growing fast. And is the oneriest little thing. She's got four sets of spikes on her feet already and my hands and arms are all scratched up from feeding her. I'll take some pictures as soon as I can now and upload them.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Still got a kitten

Hi, haven't been on in a couple of weeks, computer is down. I am going to try to get it fixed this week. The kitten is still going strong, and we hope she is going to make it. She is cute and feisty, and already potty training herself. She is trying to eat the same food our older cats eat-but her teeth just won't handle it yet. I will post pictures of her when I get my computer back on line. It is still dead in the water. I am using my husbands computer right now. And don't have much time to make a post. I had to clean off dozens of email anyway.