Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ice storm

I am finally back on the internet. My computer went on the fritz and then the ice storm took out the electricity for almost two weeks. My computer is still messed up I will try to get it fixed this week sometime. The ice storm is another thing! Nearly two weeks without water and electricity. Ugh!!! Think about what that entails-no water, no clean clothes-you can't go wash things when you can't leave the house. The stove might have burned the house down. It was tough-I have even more sympathy for the victims of Katrina and other natural disasters. Try doing without a bath, a toilet, the phone, no TV, no music, no light, no hot food. Try it for just one day. The people in New Orleans did it for weeks. It changes a lot of your outlook. In many ways it was good for us.

Little Grey is ok-the little one is still a pain in the neck. She keeps getting into my roving. I spin and do felting as well so there is always some wool roving around and she just shreds it. And anything that I knit or crochet from wool she tries to eat. Well I got to go. Am going to try to download some stuff.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Holidays are over!!!!

What a relief-its over-the holidays are over. I get so tired of the going, the doing, and the buying. I think I would rather just veg out for two weeks at Christmas or better yet, hibernate from Thanksgiving until New Years. I have never enjoyed the holiday season-it was a time of arguments from the time I was a child up until the last few years-and sometimes even then. I still don't enjoy it. I got some nice gifts-I'd rather get them onsale than to get them because its a holiday. Or better yet, get them on my birthday.

I haven't been posting due to lack of time and lack of motivation. I just can't seem to get going-maybe I am just getting old. It's a downhill slid and I threw out the brakes. I just want to keep sliding, its easier than fighting my way back up, and I don't really care whats at the bottom. It's usually a hard landing-good thing I am well padded.

I am knitting on what I hope will be a lovely scarf. The color is pretty anyway. I designed it, rather a narrow one-I don't like thick scarves, they are too warm. Its made with some wool yarn I got at Joanns in a really pretty shade of lavender. And has for me a fairly fancy stitch patern. I want to make a hat and some gloves or fingerless gloves to go with it. I haven't finished my dragon yet and may redo it with some better joints. Its a miniture and very hard on my hands to crochet with such small thread.

Well thats all for now, maybe next time I won't feel so depressed and can have a more lively entry.