Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gardening, posting,

Well, I said I would post more often and I am, not like I should, most of what I do is not something you would take a picture of. The garden is in, such as it is, since we were late getting it built it was planted very hastily, next year will be better, I'll get it in early. I am not totally finished building beds though. The keyhole garden we built is about 30 inches high maybe a little more. The next one will be a low bed type for tomatoes and we would also like a long bed for the passion fruit and peas to be in. Since they are both climbers. I would also like one to put flowers in., and my irises need to be moved this fall. We know where they are going though, I'm building a really odd shaped bed and putting them all together in one big bed. I want them out away from the trees, the oaks that is. I don't know if that will really help, the squirrels tend to hide some of their acorns in them and then they sprout and grow, and the little oaks are so hard to get rid of! I want to be able to mow around everything really close, so no added trouble mowing.

 I did not get my chicken coop built, though, I bought a lovely book on chicken coops, with plans and everything in it. That will probably be next years big project. I also have decided to clear some of the land out in the middle of my 4 acres, I want to put a goat pin and shed down there. I'm not sure I am up to it. There is plenty for a goat or two to eat, but I worry about them getting snake bit. We have a lot of copperhead snakes out here, they tell me. I've only seen and killed one of them, but I smell them now and then, of course with several king snakes living here also I'm not as apt to see one as some others are. I will have to watch king snakes and the blacksnakes though around the chicken coops, they like eggs.

I am sorting through my yarns, have gotten rid of some-mostly the chenille and a lot of novelty yarn. I did keep a selection of fun fur yarn in green, purple, turquoise and blue. I think I could safely consolidate a couple of the boxes now and shrink the stash. I have also gotten my antique singer sewing machine out and set it up in my sewing room, I bought all the accessories for it I could find, though I am still looking for the fancy zig-zagger that does patten stitches. You see the old singer I have, only does straight stitch, but with the proper attachment you can do zig zag and fancy stitches too. I still have my Pfaff and it still sews quite well, but I want a back up, and the Singer is it. I plan on eventually adapting it to a hand crank, I have always wanted one of those.

 I have thrown away bags and bags of stuff this year and still need to throw more stuff away. I go through it and if it might sell it gets donated, we got rid of five boxes of tapes and two of books a month or two ago, that made a lot more room for more books. We love books and have a lot more than we have room for. I buy records too, I have a pretty good collection of records and a turntable to play them on. I am always looking for more though. Mostly from the 60's and 70's. I loved the rock from back then.