Thursday, April 24, 2008

I.. N... T... E... R... N... E... T....

Our internet service provider has gotten much worse in the last month-it has slowed down so much that posting takes more patience and perserverence than I have. I get on it for only a little bit at a time and keep a book handy to read. It's now operating at like 36,000 bps instead of 56,000 bps. Thats like not moving at all. Hopefully in the future we will get an air card or something that will help-we will probably wind up with lap top and wifi. We will choose what ever is cheapest I am sure. Right now it is so frustrating that don't even want to deal with my blogs. This will cross post to all but the 360 page. I will get on again when I can an put something on that is more interesting, I am crocheting a lot (I have a lot of finished objects, what else is there when being online is such a pain?) and getting my organization accomplished slowly(I've cleared out most of the clutter and put up some shelves too). The weather has been cool and we have had so many storms that I've stayed off sometimes because of that. Anyway it is starting to cloud up again and we may get more, so I'd better try to post quick.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Stuff and Stuff

I started another book last night,after finishing all of Anne McCaffrey's Tower and Hive series. I've read the tower and the Hive series several times, so this next book was a complete change for me, all my life I've heard about Henry David Thoreau, but never read anything by him. A couple of weeks ago a copy of Walden fell into my hands, and I have been reading a little of it and already started thinking of some about it. It's such a perfect description of the way life is for the world today even though it was written a hundred years ago. We are so greedy. Wanting more than we need. I am beginning to understand a little of it. My house is crammed with stuff I don't need, and can't wear and never look at, but it is so hard to turn loose of-I might want/need it. They say if you don't use it after a year to get rid of it, but that's easier said then done. I feel somehow bound to earth by my things. Somehow I am going to find the way change that for myself. Maybe by the time I finish the book I will have the answer. It can't hurt.

While I am at it here's a fun, educational and very interesting link I enjoyed it, that was not easy, being on dialup. It took me over and hour to download the whole thing. If you are on something faster-it won't take more than a youtube video. This is the short story of the stuff we buy, the stuff we make, the stuff we throw away and the stuff we keep crammed into our houses. It gives a whole new meaning to consumerism.

Monday, April 07, 2008

In case your wondering

In case anyone is wondering-I tried to redo my blog, but.... I forgot to save all my links-I thought I had already done so in my documents file, but It was gone! So now I have to start all over again. Fortunately I have most of them saved on my bookmarks, so eventually I will get them all back. Well maybe not all-I kind of like the blog pets. May even get a couple more. I had trouble getting my lunar module back-kept having to resize it. And one other thing, I have three blogs, When I post here, it automatically cross-posts to my other blogger blog and to my multiply site. So sometimes it will be confusing until I get time to delete the confusing post. When I have time I will post some of the links I have one my multiply site, on this one. In the meantime check out the links for free patterns and downloadable books I have posted there. The link Ladeewolf will take you there. Have fun.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Organizing things

I am slowly-so slowly organizing things, so I can sew again. I love to crochet, but sometimes it isn't productive enough. Sewing is much faster and I can make up the things I want and need much faster. I haven't quite finished with my sewing area. I had to dig out my embroidery things today. I also found five felt sewing kits-I forgot I had, two pillows, two table toppers and one that shows how to make felt flowers, not felted but from actual felt. I bought them two years ago. They don't even have them in the stores anymore. I think I'll start working on some of them.

Organizing is going slowly, because I have so much to organize and so little room to do it in. I move one thing out of the way-so I can move another thing, so I can move another thing. Well, you see what I mean. It takes twice as long to do it that way, but that's the way it is. I need to have it done before spring really breaks through, so I can work on the outside of the house and the yard. I want to completely take out my garden-it's too close to the oak tree for it to be successful. All I seem to grow is little oaks. And then I will make little protected beds of things in other places. I have the frames I built last year, All I have to do is move them and fill them in. I have a stack of tempered glass panels to cover them with to keep the moisture in and most of the bugs out.

I've come up with some ideas of what to make to sell at the farmers markets. They are time consuming sort of, but hopefully they will sell well. And they are mostly my own ideas-at least until someone decides to copy me and undersell me. You know how people are, anything to make some money. I'd resent it more, except with jobs so scarce here, I understand it. No, I don't approve of it, I just understand. I will post a few pics when I have something to show. I have discovered that my abilities with a camera are lacking. I can never remember the settings I use on successfull pictures, so I take a lot just hoping a few will come out. I guess I need a tri-pod too, my hands shake so much that it is almost imposible to get a shot that doesn't blurr. I took 30 pictures of part of my yarn stash to post on ravelry and most of them have to be taken again. And my finished objects are sometimes unidentifiable. I saw a nice tri-pod the other day for $10 and didn't get it. I think it would work with my camera, and I think it's one of the kind that can be adjusted for height-no just one of the short ones. Anyway I may go back and look at it and buy it this week-if it's still there.

That's all for now, Will post more when time allows.