Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting there!!

Yes I am getting there, the house is closer and closer to getting done. I get more and more stuff out of the house all the time. I have a feeling the DAV(disabled american veterans is going to get some of this stuff. We just have too much stuff. Some of which I had forgotten about. Some of it that isn't worth keeping will get burned, no point in trying to dump it on some poor charity to deal with.

I do a little spinning for example-I'd probably do more if I had the wool out where I could see it, but it has been in a plastic box for forever. Since I keep it all in heavy plastic bags there are no bugs in it, but it never gets spun up either, so now it is in a basket that I can see what it is. And I have hung all my spindles up and am putting the wheel where I can get at it. Maybe if I can see them, I will start using them again.

I think I am going to store the games that I have kept in the, now empty plastic box-we only play games as a last resort around here( power outs and such), I love to play, but the dh doesn't like them much. I only have a few, so no big deal. I found a box of bicycle parts, still in the blister packs for my bike, new brakes, new innertubes, lights. I really should get it out and polish it up and ride it. I will be needing the exercise when I am done. I have even lost a couple of pounds since I started this. I'd like that to continue.

I got a treasure at the flea market last weekend, I finally got a copy of H. Beam Piper's Fuzzys and Other People in one of the booths for $2. I have been looking for that book for several years now. Only one more to go and I will have the set, They are hard for me to find, and when I do, they want way more than I will pay for them. Now I only need Fuzzy Sapiens and I will finally get to read them in sequence. I also have William Tunning's Fuzzy Bones but it is just not the same and doesn't have the same ending at the real thing. Though I like it too. I may just get busy in my spare time and make me a pair of little fuzzies to sit on the bed. They are so cute.

Well, it has taken longer to write this than I had intended, but talking about it keeps it straight in my head too, last week I lost two whole days and don't know where they went. It seems I jumped from tuesday to friday and really got confused and don't know how it happened. I at least know that today is Tuesday.

My sick cat is better, she is eating and able to move around again, I was afraid she was a gonner, she is so old. I don't look for her to live a lot longer anyway. She is an outside cat that doesn't do well indoors, I'm glad we live in the country. It's a little safer out here for them, unless someone decides to poison rats or something, or starts shooting them. I don't know why some people hate cats, without them, out here, we would be overun with rats and field mice in the house.And I hate to use any sort of poison on them, it goes to far down in the food chain.

Anyway that's it, more in a few days-after I am finished I hope.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why I haven't been posting for the like two of you that read this

Why I haven't been posting,I have been very busy, trying to fix up our old house and make it a little more comfortable. We spend so much time here that I want it to be as comfortable and easy to live with as possible. That takes work and a lot of it. The next paragraphs are from my other blog, I just copied and pasted, hope it works together and doesn't sound too funny.

It has been a long month for me and it's still not over. I have been painting walls and fixing floors, and all sorts of things for the last three weeks. I am now so tired that I can't wake up easily and hurt all over. I can almost see daylight though. Almost! I still need to move some more bookcases and build some more. and yes I am doing it myself. I think that is why I am so tired. I haven't had time to post or even read the posts others make. There is more moving furniture and more cleaning to do as well. When it is all done, I am taking some time off to just veg out for a few days. Then I get to start the outdoor repairs, believe it or not they will be easier than the indoor ones have been. Anyway, I going to go take it easy for the rest of the day, tonight I will dig out some more wood to build my book cases with.

I am still crocheting and making small things too. I've crocheted 6 flute cases for our indian flutes and other instruments. I still have three to go. I am also debating on whether or not to stay with yahoo profiles, it is the dullest website I have ever seen. No way to make it better either and they don't seem to care over there. Oh well, this one has been better so far, so I'll probably stick with it. Pardon my typing, my hands just don't want to type today, they are tired too.