Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still busy

Yes, I am still busy. Have been cleaning out a lot of junk. Anything that looked like it might sell for a little bit, goes to one of the local charity's. I am getting ready to close my little flea market booth. I have sold some stuff, but they charge so much rental and commission that I might as well give the stuff away. Lets put it this way after five months, the flea market has $75 and I have $0. so I might as well give the stuff away or let the DH sell it at work. I would save the rental fee at least.

The house gets emptier all the time, and we have more room all the time, though I still haven't started the outside yet, its all those wasp and bees, I don't want to start until they are thinned out. I did finish mowing the lawn the other day with the help of the DH, I had two thirds of it done when he got home. He was really glad to see so much done. You see the lawn tractor is down, until we get a new shaft for one side of the deck. That's a ways off yet, too much else to be done.

Today I am trying to make pita bread,never done it before and the recipe is one I haven't tried and it doesn't seem to do what i wanted, no puffy pockets or anything. Tomorrow my DH has requested a cake, so I'll probably do that then. The cake always turns out, but this is a bread machine recipe for pita bread and seems like something is missing, maybe it needs to be kneaded more. I am not going to worry about it right now, I want to start knitting on the crochet organizer thingy I am making anyway. It's one of those round cushion things that you stick needles in, only this one is for all those hooks. I don't take my crochet with me much anymore, I keep loosing tools and that irks me just a bit.

Anyway that's it for now, will post pictures when and if I get the camera out and the dial-up speeds up a bit.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Busy as a bumble bee

I feel like I have been as busy as a bumble bee. They are everywhere around here this year. I am going to have to burn out or spray the nests that have been built under the house. I don't want to take a chance on getting stung-they can you know. I have to clear those and the wasps out before I can do the outside work. Today I am mowing and mowing. Gosh, i am tired now. I am trying not to overdo it, but still have so much left. I mow 20 minutes and rest 20 minutes, its hot and I don't want heatstroke. Okay so the hotter it gets the longer the rest breaks get,LOL.

I saw a lot of nature out there today, butterflies everywhere, the big ones. Several cute little bluetail lizards, I think they are skinks, maybe. And one very small Missouri Kingsnake, kind of black with little green dots on it. It was only about 18 inches long and I tried to catch it so I could put it in my garden, didn't want to accidently kill it with the mower. Oh an one rather large mother frog, in my trash pile and yes, it was a frog. I mowed right by the trash pile and It sailed right over the mower and looked at me, and then ducked in the trash where I suspect its young are, because I could see some water in there in the muck. It came flying at me from several feet from the trash pile and glared at me, as much as to say,"don''t get to close!" Generally I like lizards, toads and frogs, and even snakes though now, that we are pretty sure what nearly killed our black cat was a copperhead, we are going to show them less mercy than we normally would.

I got a huge surprise when my son, came by to see me,a few days ago, I haven't even seen him for years and years. He has a beautiful little girl, she is so cute. He and his wife seem pretty happy, so I am happy for him. All I have ever wanted for my children is that they be happy in life. The little one is another reason for me to eliminate the snakes that bite, I don't want to see her bitten.