Friday, April 30, 2010

No want to anymore.

I just don't seem to want to post anymore. I crochet all the time, and I play fish wrangler all the time. Love that game on face book, I don't even post there anymore. Nothing to say, nothing much to read either since everyone is on Ravelry now. I am just not a ravelry sort of person, much as I like crochet, there are other things that also occupy me.

I have started a small garden, will probably have to fight to keep the deer out of this year, got an early start, the wind blew my tomato plant out of the topsy turvy planter, but the big one in the bucket is still there. So will get another one and put it in a big bucket too. I am setting up a compost bin too. Have the bin, just need to pick a place in the yard, I want it close to the garden so I don't have to drag the compost all over to get it there.

I spent most of the last two months sick, with a lung infection that almost became pneumonia. I got bad enough that I thought I would go to the hospital, but didn't. I spent 4 weeks in bed, literally. I was glad not to go to the hospital though, I hate hospitals. I will try to post a little more often, I am moderating comments now, too many spam comments,so if you post one I will have to see it.

Through the winter, I just didn't do much reading or posting anywhere. I spent a lot of that time just trying to stay well, its harder to do as I get older. May take some pictures of my finished objects and post them here, I've made several scarves, shawls, bags and a sweater and some other things. I am working on another sweater and some socks for next year. Knit owl, I haven't forgotten you, or Esme. I read the blog, I just don't post. That's all for now.