Saturday, February 17, 2007

A New Puter!!

Yes, that right, I finally got a new computer. Its big enough for what I want to do. I will eventually put in more ram-it only has 512 mgs-but my old one only had 128mgs so it makes quite a difference to me. I got my USB floppy drive too and it made it so easy to put in some of the software I had on disks. I am not too impressed with Vista-but at least I won't have to worry about updating the old windows 98 I had. Ooops, now you kow how old my puter was. I kept telling myself that it had been a good computer, but now I don't know. I had been spending on the average of $200 dollars a year to keep it going-ever since I bought it. I am hoping this one does a little better. I still have some software to install and it is a pain to install anything in it. Vista does not like foreign software,LOL.

Well that's all until I get photo software installed. Hope you are haveing a good weekend.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is it Art?

I do wonder sometimes at what people call fiber art. I've looked at some of the free form fiber art and it looks like a pile of p***. I mean even the colors are awful. And this thing with free form hats-I mean, does anyone ever wear them? I am old fashioned I guess-I like a hat that is a hat, one that will either keep you warm or one that will shade you from the sun. If it does not fulfill one of those functions its useless. I've never cared much for fashion statements I guess-though I did wear purple tied dyed jeans when I was in high school. Jeans are functional though, regardless of color. Very little of what goes as art really appeals to me.

Speaking of art, if you get a chance, check out some of knitowls drawings
-they are great. They really tell a story or make you feel something. That's what art is supposed to do-invoke a feeling. She also makes some darn cute little soft toys. She sells those on Etsy-I think. She gave me an idea to make a dream bag. You know to keep under my pillow with the things and symbols in,so I can find some answers to my life in my dreams.

Anyway-back to drawing. I can draw, but I have an awful time giving it life. My drawings are usually just flattish with little life, I think that's why I do the fractals. I can compose with them-I am thinking of painting some of them. Taking some of the ones that I make on the computer and putting them on canvas. I was always better with geometric forms than creating things. How I wish that my Mother and Father had allowed me to pursue Art instead of business. I was never cut out to follow a business career, but during that time, girls usually had a choice of homemaker or secretory or schoolteacher. And believe it or not I was a fairly obedient daughter. You know-chicken! At least that is how I look at it now. If only........ You girls don't know how lucky you are to have it the way you do today. You have so much more freedom to be what you want to be. I guess I'll go do some dishes and make some more fractals and work on the crocheted cardigan that I started a couple of days ago-only 40 squares left to do!! And give some thought to the painting I want to do.

Monday, February 05, 2007

More fractals

Just a note to let you all know that I uploaded more fractals to my flikr album. It is much easier to do it al at once than to put them all on blogger.

Nothing much to say

I don't have a lot to say right now, I am planning on making one of knitowl's dreambags. I need to preprogram my subconscious to dream about my problems and this is a way of doing it.

The only thing I have been doing of any interest is making fractals and learning to use all those programs. I learned that even with the bare bones program Paint, there are some things that I can do. Like layering of one fractal on another or layering another picture on the fractal. It really increases the possibilities for creativity. I don't have photoshop or Paintshop pro, and this really limits me. But I can draw and I have a scanner so I maybe able to produce my own clipart to use. This is one of my first attempts-The decoration in the middle is my cat, Little grey.

Yes I actually love my cat this much. In my previous marriage, she was my only friend, and she is still my companion. Its a bit to sugary and girly but It was the first time I tried anything like this. All modifications and manipulations were done the hard way, but hand.

Here is another one that is only slightly less overdone, Okay wrong fractal-this one turned out rather nice. I love to work with the ones that have the flowers in them-there are so many ways to arange flowers.

This one was done by splicing two or more together. Well thats what I have been doing. Will post some more of these when I have time. I have started a long loose Cardigan from some chenile I bought about 10 years ago. I have to make it into something. I've got like 15 skeins of the stuff-in white. I am trying hard to reduce my stash and it doesn't seem to be working. Gotta go now and finish the dishes.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Beta is better?

I don't know about that-I was unable to sign in. I created a new google account, but was still not able to sign in. Fortunately I was already signed in with my old one. When I had a typepad account-it took forever for them to upgrade and three times longer to download or upload anything. All typepad pages still take much longer than any other to load on my computer! Thats better? Not to me! I would prefer to keep my old account buzzing along as it was than to have to switch. Besides the sign in page didn't show up well on my computer. I don't think they have realized yet that some of us are stuck on dialup still. I don't want to switch until I get a decent computer. DSL won't matter on this old thing. Ooops, another load of laundry just buzzed me.

Well thats folded-not put away, but folded. I finally got what I wanted done on my computer. I got all the fractal software I've been wanting to - installed. I don't have Apophysis yet, but this old puter doesn't have enough memory for it. When I get a new one, I am hoping that it has about 1000 mgs of ram-then I can work in realtime on it. I have been haveing a blast making fractals, may even get to upload some of them tomorrow. I have to make some clipart to use on them. I want to use Little grey of course. I put her in a special one for my screen saver. The only problem is that its such a feminine fractal-all pink and purple and turguoise, but it goes so well with her grey color. S far I am learning to use about 5 different programs, The art made on them reminds me so much of crochet and knitting.

We thats all for now-am waiting for my DH to get home from school. He should be early tonight-he has another class tomorrow.