Friday, April 27, 2012

I don't know maybe I got my blog fixed by accident, I hope so. I don't really want to shut it down completely, I just don't post a lot any more. I have some editing to do to the blogroll, some of those people have gone private or invitation only now, so there is no point having them on any more. It's early in the day here, and maybe I'll have something to say before the day is over.

The last post

Well it looks like I've lost my blog, have been unable to migrate to Google, so their goes all that stuff that I posted here. rather frustrating, but there you are. Blogger keeps telling me that I have no blog associated with this username, since I am typing this and it is publishing I guess it's still there. Blogger just doesn't know it.

I find google very frustrating to deal with so maybe it's best to stop blogging anyway. I find the lack of privacy with google and facebook a constant nightmare, they want to link to everything, for convenience they say, but I think its more of a big brother watching you type thing. Linking everything would give the government much more access than it has, like it doesn't know when we buy something or go to the restroom or everything else. Anyway this will be my last post unless I get this fixed somehow.