Sunday, April 23, 2006

It was a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Its a lazy Sunday for me. I made dinner last night in the crock pot-Ham and beans-a rare treat here. I had forgotten how good they can be. But so filling. We ate around 2 o'clock and Its now nearly six and I am still stuffed. I am also thirsty and can't drink any water. Every sip of water I take makes me miserable. Ugh! I have a really slow metabolism.

I haven't done much for the last week or so. I am trying to learn to use an old knitting machine that I have. It's pretty simple to use-but alass- I have short term memory loss and can't remember anything until it's been in storage for a bit. My long term memory is good. I can remember the payment amount that was due on a car I owned back in 74'. But have trouble remembering my age from day to day.

I have been getting ready for a 2-3 day trip to Lake Ozark in May. Don't get to excited-its mostly bussiness. I might get to a yarn shop, if there is one. But in the meantime I have to decide what projects to take, crochet or knitting and should I take my drawing things or my flutes. What a decision, And I am making some clothes to take with me, some new ones. What is this thing I have for black velvet anyway. I love to trim plain clothes in black velvet. Make a white shirt-trim it in black , purple-trim it in black. Make a black shirt-trim it in.... I haven't done much knitting or crocheting, but have wound several balls of cotton handpaint and a coordinating colour to go with it. I don't know yet what I will make but it will turn into something. Oh and I got a few bargins this week end. I picked up a Lion brand scarf kit on clearance for $3 and six sets of new Lion brand needles for 50 cents each. Oh and two Lion crochet hooks. Its not like I needed them. I have a set of Britanys in Walnut-with some spares and a set of crystal lites, as well as a set of steel and aluminum clover soft touch hooks. The Clover softouch are my favorites. Not to mention knitting needles I have several sets of them too. I find myself using the three Addi turbos I have more than the others-though the Denise needles are the best all round needles. Sometimes I am just a compulsive collector-of everything.

The only pictures I have to show you today are some more fractals though- no time to upload photos from my camera. Here is one I did for Easter, Its a flame fractal made on Apophysis flame generator Ok I can't upload it, I have to change the files will do that tomorrow-don't want to tonight. Ok never mind, the fractal in question is on my flikr album. You can check it and see some that I haven't posted anywhere yet.

Some files just don't want to upload ya' know. Well, I started this post sunday and will try to finish today. I changed some file types so maybe the fractals will upload now. Okay , I guess that will work.
Some file types cause me problems. The blue one is Neon Bunny, and the brown one is falling Like Leaves. Hopefully they will show okay.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Big kids color fractals

I use to love to color, now I don't seem to have to much time for it. I have been having fun with my fractals programs. I feel like a little kid coloring in her books. These things are almost addictive, I think it's the colors. When You are depressed, color seems to be more important than anything else. It does seem to lift your spirits. Here are some fractals I did, I saved them mostly for their colors. This one is called Blue Ribbon, I thought it looked like the roeates they use for blue ribbons. I love the colors. I think that is why I saved it.
The one below it is called Dogwood Blossom-it is shapped like one but the colors are definetly not dogwood. I made several of these and will post them as I get time. They are a good substitute for knitting and crocheting.