Thursday, August 30, 2007

So Soon

I know this is a first probably, I ran across a new blog that is really nice-she knits. It called This Kitten knits, heres a link if you want to visit, She has a lovely little girl. She's haveing a contest right now, its over tomorrow but I didn't find it til' yesterday.
Its a new one I found hunting for Harry Potter stuff. I still have dreams of making a Molly Weasley crocheted sweater, the one from chamber of secrets. I am doing one version first, Its been languishing for some time and will be in shades of beige. That doesn't sound exciting does it? I think it will be one I can actually wear more than once. The body is almost done, Have to do the two neck fronts and the back shoulders. I am going to work the sleeves directly on the body following the pictures as near as I can.
Now here is an actuall finished object, Its just a cotton throw made to curl up under when the air conditioning gets to be to much. My picture is not too great. The things to one side are the afghan hooks and three crochet hooks that I made myself, two are carved from twigs and the other one is carved from a dowel rod. The long afghan hooks are carved from dowels too. The other picture I will post is of the thread top I am busy working on. Its done in the Ocean colorway. I have this thing for that particular combinations of colors.
I do so love to work with thread, the throw was sportweight cotton and took me almost three weeks with a small hook, but I still have a lot more to do on the top with size 4 Japanese hook. I have been working on it for about three weeks and still have about 14 inches to do on the body and the sleeves as well. When can I take a close up of the stitch I am on now. It comes from the original Harmony stitch guides that was compiled by Sylvia Cosh, and is called the Clover fan stitch-its pretty complicated. I think that it would also make a pretty lace edging. Anyway I am going to try it on something.
Right now I need to go and finished making Dinner.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Life is

I would love to have some witty and interesting news, but alas-there is none. The newest Harry Potter book has finally been bought, and was read in less than 24 hours. It was great, I still wish she would continue the series. I am of course rereading them all. It has taken me 10 days to get through the first 2 and halfway through the third. I can't figure out why either, must be all the interuptions. You know, laundry, dishes, the cat that wants to sit on my lap all the time.

Crocheting has taken up a lot of time too, the lace top is almost one third done. I need more thread to finish it. No chance of the same dye lot, so what ever I buy, will go for the sleeves and will require a stitch change to disguise it. I finished a cotton afghan out of sportweight, wool makes me too warm sometimes. And I started another pair of crocheted socks, from some expensive (to me) bamboo sock yarn. I tried it knitted and it didn't feel all that great on my feet, so I decided to crochet it. I won't buy any of it again. I just really don't care for the feel of it, maybe it will improve with washing.

I have started trying to make an extra large fat bottom bag to use for a crochet and knitting bag. I have a nice one that I bought, but it just isn't large enough. I usually carry two or three projects with me. A pair of socks, a top and sometimes small stuff like one of the tiny animals I like to make. So I need room for a lot of things. I also carry a mini deck of playing cards and sometimes my tarot cards too. And maybe a pattern book and a reading book. The one I have won't even hold everything for one project. I have been saving a large pair of bamboo handles for a long time and will see how this one works. If not I may just use the resulting shape and cut one out of fabric and make it that way, I can make it as large as I want it then. I have a yard of really beautiful tapestry fabric I can use. Regardless the crocheted version will have to be lined, and I'll finish it for a purse.

What I really need to do is get busy and start sewing too. I need new clothes and don't like what I have seen. Clothing for larger sizes is always so ugly, I like pretty things. Colors, besides maroon and brown. I don't mind black as long as its cut right, in fact black is one of my favorite colors. Especially with purple and blue and turquoise. I have so much to do and no motivation. Looks like I will have to find some.

I've been spending too much time, doing online searches for my daughter and son. I don't know where either of them is now, so I just keep doing these stupid searches just to find out if they are still alive. Its really nice when your kids cut you completely out of their lives. It makes one a tad bitter. Especially when you don't know why. Oh well, someday it will all come out.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Home at Last

I am home for a while, DH started his new job, so far, he likes it. I am enjoying being at home-even if I am personally broke all the time. I am cleaning, and organizing. I can do everything but lifting. I still have to be carefull about that. I lifted something that was just too heavy, thats the big reason why I am at home. Knit Owl I will get that box to you, I am debating on making something to go in it myself. It depends on how much time I have, and money.

I am crocheting of course along with the cleaning, and making some fractals. I will try to upload a couple of them for you. I have also read two or three books, and am preparing to read Light on Yoga again. I decided to start doing yoga again,(now that it seems to be turning passe' I do hate fads). I had been doing the yoga for years and then it became the "in" thing, which always goes against my grain. So I quit, rather than be part of a crowd. It will be hard to start over-I have lost a lot of my flexibility. That Cardio free thing sounds good too.

The next thing I want to start doing again is sewing, It is instant gratification for me. Tons of new patterns in my stash as well as yards of fabric, that need to become somthing. Three new top patterns that I want to try. And three or four new pant patterns. Applique is something I would like to learn. I saw some appliqued jeans in an old sewing book, that could be updated for now, very easily. And I have two pair of jeans that could use an update. A bit of fabric and some Embroidery and they won't look the same. I do like some of the retro stuff-not the Hip Hugger looks though. Always hated showing my butt.

And because I said I would here are some fractals. I called the blue and gold one Indian Paisley. And the gold one is State of Mind.