Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crocheted Socks?

Crocheted Socks? Yes I am trying to learn to make crocheted socks, I can knit them, but I am such a slow knitter. It might take me a month to knit one sock. This is much faster. Though the fishermans wool I am using is not my favorite, it just looks like a dirty yellow to me. I usually dye it with koolaid. Maybe I'll dye the socks when I am finished. Anything but the dirty cream or yellow.

I also wanted to post pictures of the crochet and knitting magazines I got the other day at the antique mall and some of the flea markets. I only spent about $8 on all of them, there are about 15 or 16. There were even some old crocheted doll books-I probably won't keep. I never make them. I have collected about 60 of the paradise doll patterns and have never even tried to make them. I would rather crochet or felt little bears or sheep or kittys.

I have been trying to take some good pictures of my cat, but she is always in motion. She never stops moving unless she is asleep. All my pictures are blurs. The head never stops and neither does the tail. And who wants pictures of a sleeping kitty? Well I better go for now. I am waiting for the man who is cutting up all the fallen trees in my woods. We had a tornado here a few years ago and I have seven trees in the woods that need cut up cause they were ripped out of the ground. I don't have a chain saw and he is doing it for the wood to sell. I want to clean out the underbrush and see if someday I can't fence it in and get a couple of good sheep that can be sheared for wool. Something with a long staple wool. You know, easy to spin. Every knitter, crocheter and spinners dream. Their own little wool factory. Dream on......

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Finished Objects at last

Some time at last to post some pictures. Hopefully I can stay online long enough to post them. First of all I will post a picture of the double sized Booga Bag. This was knitted with 2 Skeins of Lion Wool Prints, it didn't take quite to balls in Majestic Mountain color, And one ball of Bernat Lana merino wool in black. It felted so easily I was surprised and turned out just the right size for a knitting or crochet bag or even a large purse. I haven't made up my mind which yet.
Well I was going to post pics of my ponchos but they didn't turn out right-the pics I mean not the ponchos. So here instead are pics of my scarf and afghan. I had a lot of fun making this scarf, Its my own design and very simple. Its the second one of these I have made, and I am thinking of trying it for a simple shawl pattern. I just have to make it a little wider. It looks blue but it is very purple. The last thing I have finished that I will show you is my afghan, It is deep blue and turquoise with some of the purple. These are as you may have guessed are my favorite colors.
I am more comfortable in blue or purple than any other colors.
The last picture I am putting up is of my little grey, she is sleeping on the bed today, but earlier she was sleeping on the table in the kitshen. Its hard to get a good picture of her -some day! She was enjoying the sun and I didn't really want to move her. I was enjoying the sun too.

Its tax time again, I dread it! Its where you pay to find out if the Government is going to get to keep your money. You know they might want some raises. Have you ever wondered how a senator or a representative can go in poor and come out rich for life? I don't believe there are any honest politicians anymore. Its kind of like a preacher I used to know, He worked the same place I did. He couldn't wait to get his congregation built up enough that they could support him and he wouldn't have to work anymore. That is what I call lazy.

I am being a little lazy today myself. I did laundry yesterday, today I am supposed to clean out the middle room and organize my craft supplies. You know all those boxes and boxes of yarn. I still have five of yarn and two boxes of fabric. We are talking about those large plastic storage bins. I don't know what to do with all of it yet. I have thought and thought about it and just can't figure out a way to organize it. There is also a box of punch needle thread and embroidry thread as well as needle work kits. My DH says I am a pack rat. That is what happens when you work all the time and have money to buy what you like and no time to make it up. I better make this post and go get some organizing done.

Friday, February 17, 2006

No pictures yet

Just enough time to make a post, just no time to take pictures. I have finished several things though. Six of the Troll Dolls I bought have new hair in a lot of different colors. There is one with blue hair, white, brown, yellow and a couple of colors I can't remember. But I can't go look-I have a kitty sitting on my lap, and she won't let me up. She sits down and doesn't like to get up. I still need to make clothes for them. I like to try to color-coordinate the outfits and hair.

I finished several crochet projects, two ponchos, one scarf and one afghan, soon I will get pics made. I have to get my dressmakers manikin out and set it up for pictures. I am trying to make a dent in all that Yarn I have stashed away. I had over 50 skeins of homespun put away, I am trying to get it all made up. The next project I hope to finish is one of those circular shrugs in crochet. I have it about a third completed. And a double sized Booga bag. I'm using a pattern for the booga bag only I have doubled the number of stitches in the length, and I want the handle to have a few more stiches in the I-cord. I carry so much stuff, that I need stronger handles.I was also thinking of using it as a knitting bag. Hopefully it will be finished this weekend and I can post pictures of everything next week.

We went to the Antique Mall last week, and I came home with some of those printed stuffed animal panels that they make. You know you just sew them up and stuff them and you have a stuffed animal. One of them makes two cute little sheep and the other one will make 4 rabbits. I am planning on making them soon. The week before I went to another one or two down on our town square and found 11 pattern books, Old ones of course.But now I have copies of several patterns that are put out for free on the internet and some you have to pay for. And none of them cost more than 25 cents per magazine. I have 11 of them. It felt really good to get what I consider to be real bargins. They have some great knitting and crochet patterns in them. I may even give some of them away. Not too many people around here buy this sort of stuff. I turned down the old yarn though, some of it was a little gross, too old and hard to use. And the prices on some junk is amazing, some item will be priced at 25 cents and the same thing elsewhere will be 5 bucks. I bought one old avon decanter for 50 cents still full of bath salts which I will throw away, I found the same decanter at another one for $15. I just don't understand it. Of course you know which one I bought. Some people just don't have any idea of fair market value-I don't think. Oh well I am chattering, better shut up and go do some more work.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I don't know but it seems to be a lot easier to post on this blog than on my typepad blog. I will probably discontinue it after April. It seems to be a lot easier to copy and paste entries from my word pad on this one. It means I don't have to be online all the time to get a post ready. On the other one the print is always coming out to small-I always forget to enlarge it before I publish. I still have almost no memory for things in the short term. Of course I remember some things longer than people wish I did. I don't have much to talk about so I will leave you with a cute Kitty Pic, And no the Kitty doesn't drink, and my DH and I don't drink often. But this seemed like a cute pic at the time.

This is my much loved Little Grey, and a bottle of Jack Daniels that I have had laying around for 10 years or more. She was so soundly asleep when I took the picture she didn't know until the flash went off.