Monday, May 19, 2008

Still Kicking

We had a lot of bad weather last weekend-I've been offline since Saturday. We had what they say was a super cell sweep through here-It spawned several tornados. They destroyed a lot of homes in our area. We were some of the lucky ones, most of our trees are only trimmed by the storms we've been having, so there wasn't much to blow down. Between a half and a quarter of a mile away there were home destroyed and roofs ripped off and a lot of animals killed. This was one man's little goat shed. I don't know if any of the little goats survived. I feel very lucky to not have this kind of damage. This is right on the main highway about an eighth of a mile from my turn off. These trees had leaves and were green till this happened.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I - N - T - E - R - N - E - T part II

Now I know why our internet has slowed down-they put in new switches whatever that is. It makes DSL better but slows down everything for the ones on dial-up. Basically from what I was told-it won't improve and they would rather get rid of those of us on dial-up than to keep us. So there you are. I guess it's time to get a laptop and an aircard and/or wifi. The payments on both items from someone else would be less than DSL from this company.I don't want to continue dealing with this small phone company forever. I wish that one of the larger ones would buy them out. Any way I hope I can get this to post, Ugh, now I know. It's funny, but after being with the same company for over 20 years, their service hasn't improved yet. They had finally gotten the dialup to work right-now it stinks again for a different reason.