Friday, October 31, 2008

No pictures

I would say I am sorry for not posting pictures but I would be lying, I haven't taken any I may start posting them again on my flikr album and put a link to that here. I know it makes for a boring blog without pictures. Then after this election is over , my interest may increase in blogging. I'm still crocheting and still making things-quite a few actually-I just don't have time for photos-maybe a group photo of my Finished objects. I just hope they let me vote-been registered at the same address for years, but apparently with all the shenanigans going on they find ways to remove you after all. It's crap, but that our government-the rolls should be revised after each election and not before. I have all my identification ready and then some-got more than I should need. I'm voting early tomorrow. I will tell you who for-after the election.