Monday, July 31, 2006


I don't think I like fashion, it makes people do and wear werid stuff. I mean really what is so attractive about the hip huggers that the girls all wear. Most of them have no idea how they really look. I was a teen ager when they came out the last time and girls-we didn't look like you thought we looked. generally we wore bodysuits or leotards under them. We didn't want "Crack Problem". Girls don't seem to care how it looks. It gives them bad cases of "Electricians Butt" if you know what I mean. Especially those really low riding ones, Ugh!

I think I'll just stick to my regular jeans and t-shirts with the occasional crochet or knitted sweater and accessories. I am also still haveing trouble trying to figure out why mothers dress their 8 year olds the same way the 16 year olds dress-whats up with that? Do I sound old fashioned-Damn! I must have turned into my mother. Okay end of Rant.

On a happier note, I am weaving, I think I might have one more yard to go, if that. I am keeping cool by thinking of winter and things for the winter. Will be using the remnants of this yarn to weave a scarf. Like I need another scarf, I counted 12 or more that I made in the last year.

I have started a new walking program-my pedometer doesn't seem too accurate though. I am walking out in my yard-yes its big enough. It takes me aroung a 1000 steps to make one circuit, so three times around-you get the idea. It still hurts my back to walk, but not when I can stop when I need to, and I don't have to keep up with someone. When I get up to 5500 steps the weight should start comming off. I only walked 5000 when I was working and it came off then. Hey, I'll need all those scarves to keep me warm, while walking in the winter. May be I need to make some more? Still got lots of yarn. Maybe weave a poncho. In black-to go with all those wild scarves.

"DC" is doing OK, "Little Grey" is chewing on her and running her around the house while I am on here. Its funny to see. Wish "DC" would fatten up some, she is so thin. Well I am going to go weave and do some laundry, and some dishes and watch an old movie while I weave. Have a good Monday, you all.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I have warped my loom and started some fabric for a vest. It's a 20 inch rigid heddle loom. One of the simplest looms there is to operate. I had a four harness loom, but had to sell it several years ago. It took up too much room. I love these Rigid heddle looms though and just couldn't part with them. I am using the 20 inch, but have a 24 inch and a 32 inch as well as a childs 10 inch loom. I use the childs loom for bands to trim the fabric I make on the larger loom. I am using Beka looms, they still make the smaller sizes but not the 32. When I bought them I felt silly buying so many extra heddles and spare parts, but now am glad I did. I had to modify something from the larger one to fit the smaller one. Its fourtunate that I have extra parts. I contacted Beka though and they said if I need something they can still make it for me-that made me happy. But the parts cost more than when I got these. It took me longer to dig all the parts out of the shed than to actually get started weaving again.

I still have a womping big stack of magazines and books for them-most are out of print. I did finally learn that for me personally, it is easier to use a longer narrow warp, than a short double width one. Not as hard to beat down the weft. And easier on my back when I am actually doing the warping. The small looms also have a different stand so it's easier for me to sit in front of one. I used a warping short cut too and that helped a lot.

The little black kitten"DC" is doing great, she is so hyper that we can't keep up with her and neither can poor "Little Grey" She hides from"DC" sometimes, and then I'm on my own. They got a huge new litter box today and it made them both happy. Its wider and deeper than the old one-and that makes me happy. I got tired of sweeping up the floor for them all the time. I shall finish this post and get off the puter-I want to go weave.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Little Kitten and Weaving

The little black kitten is doing great, I'll post more detail when the storm lets up-I am not complaining, but my first post was deleted by a power out. So I'll make this one quicker I hope. I am going to finish warping my small loom and start weaving a vest out of a yarn that I hate to knit with. It just washes up to mush so we'll try it for weaving, weaving pretty much takes the stretch out of yarns you know.Ha! I will try to make a better post when the weather is clear right now. Have a good weekend.

Monday, July 24, 2006


We had a rather sad weekend. Almost two years ago we gave a cat to someone. It was a really beautiful Siamese tom, we had named Dragon. We have cats show up here all the time. They don't seem to belong to anyone and they are always half starved and we feed them. And try to find homes for them. We gave Dragon to a nice family and they were supposed to keep him inside and have him neutered-they didn't and they gave him back to us about a month or so ago. He was really thin and he became so sick that we finally took him to the vet, only to find out that he had KittyAids. His kidneys and liver were failing and he was in so much pain that we had to put him to sleep. The Vet said he didn't last for more than a minute or two, he was already so far gone. I don't think I'll ever find a home for a cat again. I'll just keep them. The really bad thing is-We now have to take our two outside cats and have them tested. I hope they test negative. We can have them vacinated and they will be alright.. Moral of Story. Have your kittys tested and vacinated for it. I just never thought they would get it or be around one that had it. I hope it will be alright, I have had them so long.

Goodbye Dragon. he was only about two years old.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oh where have you gone?

Oh where have you gone Knitting Goddess? I refer to the writter of the Knitting Goddess. Deborah Bergman. She used to have this lovely website that was very nicely done. Now it has all been archived, if you can get the links to work. I fought with it Sunday for sometime so I could copy the information. Why do knitting and crochet books go out of style in the first place. I still love the first ones I got years ago and still use them. Anything outdated can always be updated you know. It seems like publishers feel compelled to keep on releasing new ones so they can keep on making more and more money. But they don't go in for reprints on many of them.

I have a few favorites of course, and they are always close at hand, but I loved "The Knitting Goddess" for the lovely stories, and it had some rather fetching patterns too. I could see the morie pullover in a varigated color or two and the Haloed turtleneck would have been lovely in blue. I am trying my hand at a few of her patterns now. Why hasn't she written another book? She was everybit (in my opinion) as good as some of the current popular designers. I keep looking at some of the new books on the market and they are just rehashes of the same old patterns that have been doing for the last three years.

I think that Elizabeth Zimmerman coverd most of the important stuff in hers. I am trying currently to get a copy of Knitting around so I can make the Pi R squared shawl. I will have to order it from Knitpicks I guess. Then I will also have to order some lace weight yarn too. I am okay as long as I can order $40 worth. Who wants to pay postage anymore. I started a sweater for my DH. It will be a plain one with only a small pattern in it. He doesn't like really fancy stuff. And it will be denim blue, so its also casual. Well thats all for now, not much happening round here and I still don't have my pic files dug out.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Rain at last

I was so happy to see so much rain. Everything out here is drying up. Maybe now it will green up for a while. Now on to less important things ha!

I decided to post pictures of all my felted animals(that I still have) so far, one is in Austrailia and the other is a crocheted one, so ugly that he looks awfull. I don't have as much time as I'd like to, to spend on felted animals. I got sidetracked this time by trying to crochet a shawl without a pattern. I hope it works. If it does I will write it out if I can. I will be using a lot of double and treble crochet stitches. So it should go by pretty fast. Any way here are some animals. This one is Bobby Bear of the Boston Blueberrys. The second one is called snowflake, he was my first felted bear. I think in many ways he is my best one.

Well blogger is putting them where it wants them again-don't know why. Am I the only one who has this problem? Or does everyone have it from time to time. Okay that last bear is in Kansas city and I can't find his picture file. I know I have it so will post it later. I will probably have to post some of this stuff in my next post.
There are just too many pictures I can't find.

I would have done all this Wensday, but the rain gods decreed otherwise. The phone line went out. The phone company sent out a trouble shooter-not a repairman. He said that I would have to fix it. He checked and replaced the wires and said it was my phone jak. I came in an checked it and it wasn't, anyway as soon as the wires dried out, it started working again. I still think I need to get some new wiring. It looks as though what I have has been chopped up. I think I know who did that. Water under the bridge. Anyway we are thinking that we will replace the phone line and jak too. That way it will be right.

I am getting ready to post some patterns on my other page, which will become a pattern page. I need to find out more about a creative commons liscense. I would like for people to be able to copy and use the pattern, but I am really tired of seeing a free pattern on the internet and then seeing a very similar version in one of the knit or crochet magazines the next issue where you have to pay for it and they make money at the expense of the designer. I know they only have to change 10% to use it, but still, Its unfair.End of pet peeve.

It looks like it might be getting ready to rain again. So I must hurry. I didn't get all the pictures posted that I wanted to. I have been re-reading alot of books lately. Have you ever read any of Mary Summer Rain's books?
I prefer her to Sylvia B. myself. She has been writing books for years, but is not nearly so well known. She doesn't get rich and is not a public person-but she is spot on in prophetic writings. This is for the world though, not for individuals. She has what I feel is a much broader scope, less personal but more applicable to the current day. She covers global warming and polution, war and earth and religion with less bias than others seem to be able to do. And without putting herself in a place of self importance. I just never seem to take people who make money out of prophecy seriously, this lady I can.

I am also reading, B.K.S. Iyengar's Light on Yoga. It's dry but imformative.

Oh and I got 26 used Magic Crochet magazines at a bookstore last weekend. There are some wonderfull patterns in some of these. They go all the way back to issue 5. There are some pretty old patterns there, but I can update them and they will be just as good as the new ones. They should keep me pretty busy for a long time. Well I will post this and try to come up with some more of those pictures by tomorrow.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy fouth of July

Here is something to play with, for those who are bored and want to turn down the volume on the fourth!!! Have a good week!

More Pics

I decided to post some more pics of the little kitten, We tentatively named her Hope-but now I am not so sure. She comes to every other thing but that. Our favorite name seems to be DC short for "Dammit Cat" its what we say everytime she sinks her claws into our ankles when we are trying to do dishes or shave. I guess if there can be Dammit Dolls there can be Dammit Cats. She has started sleeping with us now, I am afraid I will either roll over on her or she will bite me on the nose, which she did this morning. OOps got little grey instead. This is one of those candid shots after which she retired to the storage room to escape the camera. I guess blogger decreed other
wise. Any way the one with DC and Little Grey shows DC chasing LGs tail.
Right now the little one is sleeping in the dirty laundry I have one of the chrome laundry stands and she is curled up right in the middle. The first
picture was taken by their food dishes, Its always a mess. I don't vacumn there as often as I should because they hate the sound. When I turn it on
they go crazy. Little Gray is sleeping on a stack of fabric containers. Out of reach of DC. Not for long.

I intend to get everything done this morning, get my exercise done and then sit on my but and maybe finish a little felted teddy bear I started sometime ago. All I have to do is string it together and embroider the nose and put in the eyes. Then I want to start on a crocheted one. Then I will get back to the other shawl and maybe get busy on a pattern I want to put up. I came up with a cute cat toy, I am going to try to put up a free pattern page. I may post a couple of patterns I have been using for years. I will probably set up the link today, there just won't be anything on it. Well I better get busy on it now. I still have lots to do today.