Monday, February 25, 2008

Running and Crocheting

I haven't been on the internet for much-Okay I have been looking at pictures, but that is all. I haven't wanted to post for the last week. It just takes too long. As I have mentioned before, we are still on dialup, and lately it is getting slower and slower. It seems like maybe they are letting it go down on purpose-hoping that some of us will switch to their much more expensive DSL. This is a tiny local phone company with a monopoly on two or three small towns. We don't have WiFi yet, so they can charge pretty much what they want for Highspeed internet and get it. I don't get to download videos or songs-It takes an hour to download a 10 minute video and watch it-so I don't. I look at a lot of pictures of other peoples work-in between doing things. It takes long enough for a page of flikr photos to load, that I can do a load of dishes. That's what I do. And if I am uploading mine it takes about 20 minutes to upload 5 pictures.

The last week or so, all I have been doing is running for my crochet hooks in frustration with things. I have made two Hello Kitty dolls. I am on my third Queen annes lace scarf. I don't have a pattern-I just have a copy of Maggie Righettis "Crochet in Plain English" She has a nice diagram in it and written instructions. I am using Crochet Roos modified version-like for her lovely fan lace bookmark, I saw some other versions that I am going to make too. The one I am working on now has petals instead of picots and it going to be lovely. I may make several more of them. Work on Shawl number two is slowly progressing. Will post pics of everything once its finished. May even get sidetracked on a sheep stuffie. I have enough of the yarn I used for one of the hello kittys to make a stuffie or two and a really soft neck pillow. And there is this nebulous design in my head for a shawl that I want to make to use in the summer time. I just have so many things in mind to make that there isn't time for it and the computer too. For that matter I am also crocheting while on the computer. I may not be spending much time on the computer-but I am spending a lot of time with my hooks.

And then there is the sewing I want to do. I want to make some nice spring clothes, light weight and cool for the hot summer I know is comming. I may go to W-mart and get some of their all cotton sheets just to cut up for clothes-that cotton is some of the most comfortable stuff to wear. Crisp, yet soft. For shorts and Tops. Does that sound crazy-I am a bit you know. But I bought some sheeting pants years ago in 100% cotton and they were the most comfortable things I've ever worn. No matter how hot the day was they were cool. Anyway I have been on here long enough to need to go do someting else, Have a great day and keep crafting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No time for anything

The hubby has been home for almost 7 straight days sick(Bronchitis). I've still managed some crafting but not much. Now that he has gone to the Dr and gotten some meds he will get better-I don't like medicine and I don't care for going to doctors. I still get better anyway. I just don't like antibiotics and you can hardly get me to take them. I just don't care for modern medicine I guess and usually get a diagnosis from the doctor and then go home and hunt up the herbs.

I will get off here now and go sort through buttons. I sorted through buttons yesterday for nearly 6 hours and put all the matching buttons on little strings. I didn't know I had so many sets. Once I am done, I am planning on starting to sew again. I don't have so many left to do now, but it is so tedious-won't let them get all mixed up like that again.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Storm season

I wish all of you that were in the storms last night, all the luck in the world. I hope you all were safe. Having indured at least one of these myself, I know how scary they can be. So much work to fix and clean up all the damage. But damage is easier to fix than to replace loved ones lost or pets. The reality of one of these storms is much scarier than the movies-don't you think?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hello Kitty

I had a hankering yesterday to make a Hello Kitty Stuffie-I saw a pattern on the internet a long time ago for one-alas-it's gone. I guess this means I have to make my own. So far I have two legs and two paws and am working on the tail, next comes the body and last of all the head. I would also like to have a Chococat. Will work on that when I get some brown yarn. I always liked these Japanese Characters but just took it for granted that I could always find them. I don't know of any place here that sells them-maybe the little things but not the big ones. I haven't checked toys are us yet. I'd love to have some of the japanese crochet books but I know there are none of those around. I'll have to ask at one of the local stores that does some importing and see if they can get some. Right now I am thawing out dinner and working on kitty.

I've had a fun time while working on the kitty toy, I watched Vincent Price in the Masque of the Red Death. I'll catch the Raven Monday. I probably won't get to work on kitty again until then. It's hard to work on any thing like that with the Hubby home- too many interruptions.

I haven't been spending as much time on the internet as I would like, and the time I am on here was spent looking for that dang pattern. I did find a graph for the Kitty square and think it could be adapted for a head. I'll try that monday. Have a good, hopefully warm weekend. I am so happy that the snow is melting off!!