Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sorry, still no pictures

Sorry, no pictures yet, I just haven't been motivated enough to set up my mannequin and take them. Right now I am just not feeling motivated to do anything. Perhaps its just depression. I've suffered from that all my life. Its a battle just to get myself on the weight bench and the bicycle to keep up the exercise program. So far my jeans are looser, but still no weight loss.

Everytime I think that I will start something to make money here at home-I am derailed by some stupid something. I no longer have or use credit cards and for most of the money making propositions on the internet that is a necessity. I have a little store here, where I sell things I have made, but she takes one third of what I get. If an item sells for $3. I only get two, less tax. And it's not the kind of place for really good craft things. I think I am going to have to look for a better place to sell on consignment. I am going to try a little store I know up in Carthage, Mo. She has always been a very nice lady to me, whether I bought anything from her or not. She has a really nice gift shop.

I need more weights for the bench too. In the mean time, motivation, motivation, wherefore art thou?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Editing, Just editing

I was forced to edit out one of my Links, there will probably be more to edit when I have time. It was no longer a blog, it had turned into a WebCam site-you know what I mean. Porn. I hate porn, I can see beauty in the Human body but not that way. There is no beauty in that stuff. I am no prude. I have been around. But I think that porn is a disease. People tend to equate sex with porn, but it is just not the same thing. People tend to lump premarital sex in one class, but I can see the difference in teaching the young to have responsible sex and abstinence. Young people are not going to abstain, thats a pipe dream that very religious people still believe in. A small number might-but the majority will still be doing what they want. They need to be taught how to do it safely. By not doing so, we are just burrying our heads in the sand. There is a lot of that now days.

Next post I will try to post some pictures of my current finished objects. I bought one skein of Trendsetter's Segue and I had to come up with something to make from it. So I will post a drop stitch scarf pattern I came up with to use it on. At $29 dollars a skein, I didn't want to buy more-well I did, just wouldn't. It is so gorgeous. I bought this over a year ago and couldn't find a pattern to use so I modified the Japanese Lantern Scarf pattern. It is a narrow scarf, I can wear even in the Summer. The colors are heavenly.