Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little more

Here is a little more of what is going on for now, two weeks ago, I sprained my ankle, that was better than the broken hip I could have had though. It hurt a lot, It's better now and I am being more careful, guess my bones are still solid or it could have been worse. Of course that slowed down the excercise program I was starting. It still hurts when it gets cold here, though right now its 60 outside. My, my crazy weather were having. I guess I'll wind up doing the walking thing this spring, summer and fall, though I'll be carrying a cane, my balance is way off, hence the fall and the cane helps. It also come in handy for wacking dogs on the head, every one out here in this area seems to have a large or small dog, unleashed that attacks anyone who walks by.I think I'll get a small squirt gun to so I can squirt them when they snap at me.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I have been there

My last post so long ago was about where I have been, This one is why I have been there. It's also about why I no longer post anything. It's not that I have nothing to say, it just that maybe it's better not to say it. You never know who is reading what you are writing and how they will react to it. What happened in Tucson the other day, was partly because of what was said and how it was said. If you tell someone, something enough times they will believe it. A person with a weak or sick mind will overreact to what they hear and that is almost always bad. People post all kinds of stuff on the Internet, with the idea that since no one can see them, no one can hurt them and they will get away with it. I believe that if you post something on the net, and someone reads it and hurts someone because of it, even if you never meet that person or persons, you are still partly responsible for what is done. I also believe in karma, and you might think you get away with it, but sooner or later you pay.

I've been listening to the political and religious leaders talk and talk and never say anything worth listening too. I guess I've gotten to the point where i don't even listen. The religious right is worried about abortions, but they don't seem to mind sending the young men and women off to fight and die for our country, or oil depending on how you see it. It's the same thing to me, dead is dead at any age. None of them seem to want people to have health care, so people are going to die of disease, they are still dead, however it happens. They say they don't want the elderly to die or suffer, but they want to get rid of Social security, thus making it impossible for those of us who have paid it in to survive. Perhaps instead of privatizing it they should start a weaning away process from it. They can send me mine now if they want, I think I can manage it as well as the ones in the SS administration have. Though i probably won't boost the economy by spending it on junk.

My opinion is that congress and the president shouldn't have health care either, If as Lincoln said all men are created equal, then what we don't have, they shouldn't have. Neither should they or other government employees have guaranteed pensions if we don't, it is after all a government of people by the people and for the people. That should make the people more important than the government. For some reason though, we are expendable and unimportant,because there are so many of us. These are my opinions though even that seems to be illegal in some ways now just to have opinions that don't agree with whoever is in power. How many bloggers are harassed for what they post now?

I used to think this was a craft blog, but can no longer call it that, I still make things and love crocheting, but am also knitting, spinning and soon to be sewing again. To be focused on crafts and making money is a very narrow view to me. I am also writing, have five books on this computer now, don't know if they will be books or a couple of books of short stories. My view is still to narrow to write more meaty stories, so I'll keep writing them and hope that they will turn into books. One never knows, i may never publish them, but then again maybe I will when i am sure I have done all I can with them. I've also been painting, miniature's of course. I still can't face a large piece of paper and fill it up. I can put an entire landscape on a tiny canvas though. I do a little woodcarving too and anything else that needs doing. Maybe I'll learn to paint on rocks.

Perhaps next post I'll have finished the sweater I am knitting and the socks and the skein of wool I'm spinning. And maybe I'll have started sewing by then. Lots of maybes there. I have to tell myself that i am earning something, when I make something without having to buy it i am saving money, by using what I have on hand, and a penny saved is a penny earned, though it should be a dollar or two with inflation by now.