Monday, March 26, 2007

Cleaning House

Still no pics, I decided to start cleaning the house instead. Am trying to organize this mess. I have too much yarn and fabric and too little room. Have decided also to get rid of a bunch of magazines and probably some books. I never get rid of books. I have novels that I have read and some that I will never read. I am of course keeping my first editions-hate to get rid of them, at least some of them have gone up in value. Even for the slightly damaged or imperfect ones there is a higher value. That makes me feel considerably more justified in having them. And the few biographys and autobiographys that I have-those I will keep. I just don't see the sense in keeping some that I might read-and know I never will. I know it in my own mind, I just hate to admit it. Of course I will also be keeping my sci-fi and fantasy collection. Can't get rid of those.

I have ordered a copy of The Complete Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper. Ihave fallen in love with the Fuzzies. This book was published years ago, but I hadn't read it and since the Author is dead-there won't be anymore. I downloaded the first installment from project Gutenburg. I had forgotten that it was even there. Gutenburg I mean. Books you can download for free! And unending source of reading material! How great is that.

I've also put in for any job opening that comes up at the employment place-hence the housecleaning. I am very tired of sitting at home on my ever widening butt. I want to get back out and work have some independence.

And even though it's Spring-I am crocheting some hats to felt. I want to have them to embroider during the summer when I don't have much time to do anything. I got the idea from Spin-Off magazine. They had some really cute embroidered felted hats and I'd have lots of cream colored wool yarn that will felt if Iwork at it. And I can embroider all kinds of designs on them. In the meantime I am still working on the motifs for the rose top, and making a summer time poncho type thing. Yeah, I know some of you don't like the poncho-all I have to say is "lighten up!" Ya'll are wearing them damn hip hugger pants and they came from the same time period and believe me-they don't look that good.

Can you tell I am not fond of hiphugger jeans. I didn't like them, back in the day. I certainly don't like them now. I personally prefer leggings anyway. At least they look good with crocheted and knitted sweaters. Long live the legging!

On a sadder note-those damn tree trimmers cut down my Dogwood tree!! I had a beautiful multitrunked dogwood-there were at least 10 trunks on this tree that bloomed every spring. It will bloom no more-I even had it marked to save and the damn dummies cut it down!!! It was no where near the right of way. It just goes to show-give a man a chain saw and he loses what common sense he has. They like the noise it makes and will just keep on cutting. At least that's my theory.

Well thats all the news maybe something good will happen before I post again.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Keep promising pictures

I keep promising pictures but things keep happening. I haven't taken any since the ice storm. I have several things I need to photograph, but I have to dig out my manequin and some other things to do it and just haven't felt like it. The battle with the computer is almost over. I had vista taken off and XP put on. That was a hassle, All new drivers had to be downloaded for everything. And I do mean everything. It was a good thing that my computer doctor had already done it for several other people. He had a warning- I didn't! I installed XP and it worked fine, but there is a lot of stuff that has to be downloaded for it and the one thing I didn't have was my modem driver. I couldn't unlock any of it's functions untill I could get it online. Just take this as a warning if you want to switch from Vista to XP. It's a B***H!!

I haven't done much interesting shopping, except for Cigar boxes to build a Charka from. I also got a new handspindle. I bought a small indoor green house. And I found a tiny Weave-it loom from the 30s at a small flea market-It was only $3. I just had to have it. I had to make a couple of repairs (replacing a couple of prongs) but other wise it was in perfect condition. It still had the original receipt in the box, written out sometime in the 1930's I found that really interesting. It cost a dollar at that time and was bought in ST. Joseph, Mo. It makes really neat squares-though my eyesight affects the quality of the work-I do expect it to get better. I have an awfull time telling if I got it in the right spot. I guess I'll have to use my magnifier glasses with it.

The kittys are okay, I do hope to have some pictures to post here soon. If nothing else maybe some fractals-that part of my computer is finally working. Well thats it for now.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

No Pics just complaints

Oh if only improvements weren't such a pain. Did I tell you that I have a new computer? Did I also tell you it runs on the new vista system. Oh if we could only go back in time to windows 98'. I have used xp and vista now and 3.0 and millinium and 98 is still the best one. It has less bells and whistles but allows me to do more with the programs I use. Alas, I can no longer use Tierazon, It refuses to save, view or print one of these fractals. Apophysis doesn't work either, so that leaves me with 3 options in my current situation. Or I can turn on my old computer and use it. I can only use Mindboggling fractals, Fractal explorer, and Fractal forge. There are a couple more that I will download when I can, but it is going to take me a while to get it all set up. So no more fractals for a while. And the camera software may not work either so I may have to use something else for pictures. It took all day yesterday to get the printer to work-its less than a month old and we had to download new drivers that are compatable with vista. I am going to see if new drivers are available for my laser mouse as well. I miss my laser mouse- I don't like a mouse with a tail!

I got my new handspindle a few days ago, It spins beautifully, I can't draft fast enough to keep up with the spin. I guess I will have to get better. Thats good-I need to get better and faster.

I am getting ready to go through my yarn and get rid of some of it. I am only keeping what I will use. The stash has gotten out of hand. The same is true with fabric. I want to cut it down to four boxes total. That will not include thread. I don't get rid of crochet thread. It has too many uses. Well that is all for now, will post something pretty when I have something to post.