Thursday, February 05, 2009

A long time since the that post or anything else

I know I haven't posted in a long time, I've had very little interest in my blogs-been too busy crocheting and other things. Will probably have even less time now than I did before. I will try to post some pictures someday-but no promises. They may all show up at once on here.

Any way to more important matters, I am so disgusted, I was trying to use my spinning wheel and I have so much static in my body that the mohair just won't sping-it crackles and flies all over. I guess I will have to stick to support spinning for now. I seem to have better control over my yarn anyway when using my support spindles. I would really like to get a Spindolyn to use, but right now its a bit too much for me. I might have enough left after we do taxes. I made a home-made version that works quite well for the time being.

I am also knitting a sweater-I know, I really prefer the crochet hooks, but decided a break from them was in order. Now this sweater is nothing great, just a simple stocking stitch pullover with a seed stitch edging on it and a loose turtleneck. It's made from Bernat Berella yarn, got at a clearence sale so It won't be a great loss if it doesn't turn out right. I am hoping for a baggy, comfortable sweater-not too warm, but warm enough to wear when I go somewhere or maybe just around the house. And of course its a lavender color. I have one sleeve left to finish and the neck-I have actually learned how to stitch them together with an invisible seam that is hard to see. I like making yoke sweaters the best-I ususally crochet the yoke and then knit the sleeves and body-you can make them a lot cooler that way for the summer. The knitting is usually done in the round, the one I am working on now is knitted flat, I didn't have too much trouble with gauge, so maybe it will look like I want. When I think about it-I feel like a traitor to my beloved crochet hooks. Guilt sucks, doesn't it?

Gotta go and finish making dinner, the DH is home.