Monday, May 14, 2007

A new job

Yes, I finally have a job. Working for the people I used to work for.-I should never have left that place. I had good benefits there. I am only temping for them now, hopefully it will become permanent. I have a lot to learn as I am in another department, and know almost nothing about it.

One thing is sure-my people skills are definitely rusty. I am so used to talking to myself, that I still do it. And sometimes I say whatever pops into my head. Not a good thing, believe me. I know what was meant by "My brain has turned to oatmeal." I have to remember things like simple addition and subtraction. I am off early today-the only machine to do the job we were doing, broke down.

I bought some insoles-my feet were killing me. They are much better now. I have good shoes but the soles are never thick enough for concrete. Well have to go now and post on my 360 page.
Hope everyone had a good mothers day.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Something Witty this............

I have tried to think of something witty and amusing to write about. But very little "amusing " has been in my life this month.

Jobs are scarce around here right now. I still have hope of something turning up-when the summer is over and all the college kids are back in school. A big new company is bringing 600 new jobs to the area. They have already turned me down, I applied for that over the weekend and got the email Monday morning. So those six hundred jobs won't help me a bit. Our area is courting the high tech job market, but that won't help most of the out of work factory workers around here. I guess it looks good for the state.

Sometimes it makes me a little bitter. For years I worked my butt off at different places in fabrication and assembly-now nothing all those places are closed and/or have outsourced all their operations to other countrys. My last job went south. Its like they want all the profit and none of the cost-I used to build barbeques-now I will build my own at home, and use real wood from the storm damage, but I'll be darned if I will buy a ready made one.

I have all but quit shopping at most of the places around here. I now buy food at a grocery store-not a supercenter. I buy yarn at a crafts store(when i get to),and my fabric comes from a fabric store now. I've started going back to the little mom and pop shops more to do my spending. It does cost a little more for some things, but it evens out in the long run. I am even looking for a sheep to buy so I won't have to buy yarn all the time. I don't have a fence, but I can stake one out or put up a portable fence. I would also like to get some chickens and I'm looking for a place to buy raw milk.

Thats the plan-patronize the little guy and stay away from the big ones. If all you people out there would do that-soon the big guys would be in trouble.