Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This week is too short!

This week has been too short. I still have nothing ready for Christmas. And I don't really care. We have not even put up a tree this year-I was too sick at Thanksgiving so we didn't bother with it. We didn't even get each other a lot of stuff. I got what I wanted. I had one of the cheap beka childrens looms-but have never got much use from it. I have like 8 different sized heddles for it and thought I would use it for trims and belts. It just never seemed that easy to use. And a couple of weeks ago I found an easy weaver from Harrisville designs at the fleamarket-in perfect condition. They only wanted $30 dollars for it and it was still in the box. Those things are $100 bucks for this size.And its way easier to use than the other and I can now put all those heddles to work and make some small things-I can also learn to card weave. I've got a deck of weaving cards and several books on it. I can't sit in and use the other larger looms much-its hurts my back. Something small I can hold on my lap, like my little weavettes looms. Of course I will have to wait until after Christmas to start anything.

And he got what he wanted-shoes. Do we sound like we give presents to each other-not really! We get so many things during the year that it seems silly to buy more at Christmas. And the hubby knows my favorite gift is yarn anyway. He just doesn't like to buy it for me-he thinks I have enough, silly man.

One important thing I've learned today-don't varnish things in the house, no matter how small. It was only a few spindles I wanted to varnish after I had painted little designs on them. It's not so bad once the can is closed but the smell was bad while doing them-they are going outside till they dry. I didn't really have a choice either smell it for a little or stay outside in the cold and do it-no place else to work around here. I also needed to put a bit on some of my boughten spindles to protect them. They get so banged up. Anyway I am off, have some cooking and dishes to do-funs over. I do like to cook, but I hate dishes. That's all the piddly news here for now.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just when i thought I was well

Just when I thought the cold was over-I've got something else, The tonsils (yes, I still have em") and my ear is swollen and sore on my right side. Guess I have an ear infection-it makes my whole jaw hurt. And I still have the cold or whatever it was. I have read posts on several blogs where people have gotten this cold that hangs on for weeks-maybe this is it.

I am getting ready to start something for my DH for christmas-I know it's late and I would have started earlier, but I just felt too sick. Will try to post pics after it is done-have to hide it when he is home, while I work on it. It's also an experiment too. I may even write up the pattern if it is successful. Anyway I won't write much today.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Nothing to write

Sometimes I have so little to say. This is one of those times.

I have been preoccupied with the situation of Gillian Gibbons the british school teacher, in trouble over misnaming a teddy bear. I am glad that common sense finally won the day. How stupid for people to get upset over what children do, and how typical of some to get all bent out of shape over something like this.

Christianity and Islam, and all other religions are supposed to be based on love of your fellow man, and the free exercise of ones will, but some people seem to have forgotten it. They want everyone to be a cookie cutter type person-some of us just can't do that. I have always followed my own path, even though I was raised in church for most of my young life and stayed in it for about 30 years, I no longer care to be one of those people. I do not need to be told right from wrong by someone who is following the teachings of someone-who is himself following the teachings of someone else without question. People in these religions are taught never to question anything but to accept what ever the preacher says the bible says or the book they follow. Do any of them realize just how many times these books have been translated? Do any of them realize just how many words have been changed? Or misinterpreted? Or replaced with a phrase that suited the politicians or rulers of that moment in time? I don't think they really care. It is all bent and twisted to suit the needs of the person in charge at that moment anyway, whether he is in charge of a church or a state or country. Having read the Bible several times, and parts of the Nag Hamadi (those books that were found later) and parts of the other books, they don't seem to mention anywhere that everyone has to believe the same thing or live the same way. And the only place where they mention killing is where the jewish people killed their enemies, and I have my own theory about that too.

Everything in the bible or these other books can be interpreted one of a hundred ways, I think the only thing God may have been trying to tell us-is to be true to your own heart and do what your heart tells you to do. So please leave me my traditions and I'll leave you, yours.

Can you tell that I am slightly irratated about this religion thing. I am not a fanatic about anything except maybe my fiber crafts and a few things like that. To be fanatic is an indication of imbalance, and I try to stay in balance though I sometimes go overboard with fiber crafting. Its hard sometimes for me to put down the needles and hooks and exercise or clean house-but it has to be done. Everything has its place, even religious practice-but to maintain a healthy balance of all this, is the important thing.

I welcome your comments-but please remember, they won't change my viewpoint.